Monday, July 18, 2011

Rack ‘em Up

A couple of weekends ago I went to a local neighborhood yard sale to see what goodies I could find. Sadly almost everyone had kid’s clothes, kid’s toys and kid’s stuff…not much in terms of furniture that I could revamp. I did wander to a neighbor’s house after almost giving up and quickly spotted a cane and bamboo-esque magazine rack. I grabbed it before the little old lady next to me could (okay, so she was looking at pot holders).  Here’s my $4 find at home in my office:

magrack_athomewithh magrack2_athomewithh magrackside_athomewithh magrackhandle_athomewithh Normally I rip out pages of magazines to store in my inspiration folders but, well, I’ve been slacking lately. I have a huge stack to go through so until then my pretty magazines will live in my new rack.  Now, if you thought I was going to leave it in the original wood state you obviously are new to my blog or haven’t noticed my love of paint. This baby will be getting a makeover and no it won’t be white!


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