Friday, August 19, 2011


I’ve made a few changes to the ol’ blog lately that you won’t see if you use a Reader program. First up: my navigation bar.


Here’s a snapshot of the House Tour format (as it is today – I’m always making tweaks):

housetour And a snapshot of the project list:

projectlistI also added icons for following me on Pinterest,  emailing me, following my RSS feed and a link to all things loved by me at my Amazon store.

Finally, I added the LinkWithin widget to the bottom of my posts. This links to similar posts that you may find interesting.

linkwithinThat’s it but those small changes took a lot of time to implement (primarily the project list). I’m trying to work up the energy to paint my fence this weekend but I really don’t want to do it so we’ll see if it (or anything else) gets done. The weather should be beautiful and I’d rather spend it lying on my hammock. Happy Friday!

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