Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Coral = Persimmon?

Earlier this summer I bought a magazine rack from a neighbor’s yard sale. I loved the cane detail and the shape of the rack but I didn’t love the color.


I grabbed a few paint swatch cards from Home Depot to see what I liked that was close to the coral color of my lamp shade in the office (and also of the flowers in the picture above). I settled on Persimmon Red (MSL015) by Martha Stewart. This was one of her pre-mixed colors so I didn’t even have to wait around for a sample to be made for me. Since the piece had caning I decided that I didn’t want to use a brush or roller and that spraying it would be easiest. I used my Preval sprayer once again (I love this thing!) after I primed the rack. (If you haven’t used the Preval sprayer, it is an aerosol sprayer allows you to turn any paint into spray paint. The refills for the aerosol are $3 at the HD).


No – I didn’t paint it on the back patio but I did pull it onto the patio to take pictures before it rained.

The magazine rack took three coats to cover everything so I took my time, applying thin even coats and letting it dry adequately between coats. I could have taken it apart to spray it but I’m a rebel and enjoy doing things the hard way so I kept it intact the entire time.

magrack_closeup_athomewithh magrack_painted_athomewithh The two pictures above show the color the most accurately. For some reason every time I tried to take a picture it read more orange than it is.

Once it was dry I brought it back into the office to see how it looked. Let me tell you – adding a bright color was a bit of a shock to me (you know I love me some white). I’m still getting used to it and I want to make sure this is the color I decide to stick with before I apply Polycrylic to it to protect it from scratches.



  1. Polycrylic that bad boy! I like it!

  2. Not sure I like that color : ( The cane matches the cane on the chair. I think I would have painted it and the chair the same color (probably white? or black - is there any black furniture in your office? or maybe a neat green) and then put a more modern and colorful material on the seat cushion.

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    If you look at my house tour of the office, all of the furniture in the office is a dark chocolate so black is definitely not a color I'm going to introduce into the room since it is full of dark furniture already. I did contemplate white but I wanted to do something fun so we'll see if I keep it the persimmon or not. As for the chair, I'm digging the original colors so no plans to change it (shocking!) just yet but you know me, things don't stay in their original shape long!


  4. This preval sprayer thing is about to change my life. I have never heard of it!!! Thank you so much for sharing.


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