Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crack is Whack

In July 2009 I took the time to clean out the cracks of my front entrance walkway and fill them with patio sand TWICE. Well, fast-forward two years and the project needed to be done again (really it needed to be done six months ago but I just got around to doing it).  I learned last time not to use run of the mill patio sand but to use something a little more permanent such as polymeric sand.


If you look closely you’ll see that some sand is still in place at the top of the picture above. Here’s a better pic of what happened to my walkway:

athomewithh_frontsteps_singlepiece The arrow is pointing to the clump of cement-like sand that stayed in place while all of the rest of the sand was washed away from storms the past two years.

So, once again I cleaned out the cracks between the blocks and filled them with polymeric sand. This time I filled a baggie with the sand, snipped off a corner of the baggie and then applied the sand directly to the cracks. This wasn’t mentioned on my package but John and Sherry over at YHL did this since their polymeric sand said to do so and I figured it might help get more sand in the cracks vs. just dumping the sand on the walkway and then brushing it into place.

Then you lightly mist the sand so that it bonds together and pray that it holds.

athomewithh_frontsteps_final1 I did this a week ago when there wasn’t any rain predicted and so far it has held up nicely (even to the nice storm we had the other day). We’ll see how long it lasts this time but in all honestly I think this is something you need to revisit every summer, especially in Michigan since the shifting ground from the freezing ground is bound to affect the durability of sand in your walkways/patios.

athomewithh_frontsteps_walkway This took me a few hours of back-breaking labor (bending over to apply the sand to the cracks and then I used a hand brush to push everything into the cracks since I wanted to ensure the sand really got in there) but I love the outcome…for now.

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  1. As usual you hvae small projects that have great impact(love the post title lol)


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