Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Decorative Fan Blades

Sherry and Katie announced the Pinterest Challenge last week.  In case you don’t know what that is – many people (myself included) have joined Pinterest and are ‘pinning’ inspirational images on our ‘boards.’ Who actually gets around to making all of the fun DIY items that you pin, though? So this challenge was a way to hold ourselves accountable to actually making something that we pinned over at Pinterest. (You can follow me at Pinterest)

Knowing that I didn’t have a lot of time and I was looking forward to lying around all weekend with my Kindle in hand, I chose to do a simple project to start off. I’d been staring at the ceiling fan in my bedroom for over six years now and have hated it from day 1. Well, I love the function but I don’t really like the cheap white fan.  Replacing the fan with a chandelier was not an option since I use this all the time in the Spring and Fall, and hanging a new fan wasn’t an option since those suckers are heavy and I’m a wimp.  When I saw this project on Design*Sponge I was immediately excited to tackle the project.

pin_athomewithh_fanblades Only thing is – the more I thought about it I didn’t want something to draw a lot of attention to the fan and I wanted something less permanent. This isn’t my forever home and I really didn’t want to have to repaint the blades when it was time to move out (the other side of the blades in my house are wood-toned, not white).  I made a trip to JoAnn’s and Michael’s this weekend to see what I could find to use as an alternative to spray paint. I figured some sort of decorative tape would work well since it can be removed later (either when I sell or when I get bored with the blades  - I get bored with things pretty quickly).  I found some adhesive lace die-cut borders and some decorative paper tape  from the Martha Stewart line. I bought one of each ($5 each), knowing that I loved everything and would easily use the extra for scrapbooking or cards (did I ever mention I make greeting cards for holidays/showers/etc for friends and family?).

Here is the fan that I was working with  (ohh…you also get to see my new crown molding – isn’t it pretty?!?).

fan_before_athomewithh I really thought I’d use one of the metallic paper tape patterns but they just didn’t look right with the fan.

tape_fan_athomewithh So I decided to use the paper die-cut border in blue (the other colors were too much with the room). Each border could be cut into two strips that would fit across the fan blade so I measured (by measured I mean I laid the border in place and cut with the scissors without using a measuring tape at all since I’m lazy) them out and put them in place to see how I liked the pattern.

fan_pattern_athomewithh I then simply peeled off the adhesive backing…

adhesive_fan_athomewithh …and pressed them into place. I then stacked books on top of the blades for the rest of the day to ensure I got a nice, tight stick.

detail_after_athomewithh Granted, this looks nothing like the inspiration image (chevrons vs. lace paper) but the idea was there – to dress up the boring cheap fan blades.

fan_after_athomewithh fan_after2_athomewithh

This project ended up taking me 15 minutes and cost $1 (like I said the extra is now part of my card supplies – there were 5 styles of trim and the package cost $5 so that’s $1 per style). Did anyone else take part in the Pinterest Challenge? Is anyone else as addicted to Pinterest as I am? (though I am more into looking at inspiration than pinning – how odd.)


  1. I like the subdued nature of the print. I agree that the original chevrons would be overwhelming in the room. I will have to keep this idea in mind...maybe for my son's room. He has an ugly white fan in there and since we're renting, I don't feel like replacing it. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I love it! Your version is more my style than the original Pinterest photo, too, though I'd love to be that daring. Thanks for a great idea!

  3. Very nice! I think it turned out great :)

  4. really cute project! i found you via the pintrest challenge - i participated too (a Pottery Barn knockoff pillow )
    and thought i would take a peek at everyone's projects. yours caught my eye because we have fans in every single bedroom but they are all gaudy gold/white/brown. i would get rid of them, but we use them all the time, so i'm searching for something more minimalistic - just like yours actually. where did you get it from? love the lace touches - delicate but fun. good job!

  5. Thanks, everyone! I'm pleased with how they turned out. Corrie - the fan was here when I bought the house but I've seen similar ones at Lowes and Home Depot. Good luck on the fan hunt and for anyone who revamps theirs using this simple method!


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