Monday, August 8, 2011

Go Away!

Since I’m working from home more often this summer I’ve been here while people continually knock on the door or ring the bell (scaring Sami) as they try to sell me whatever good it is that they are hawking. I touched on this annoyance last summer and have finally decided to do something about it. While answering the door in my pjs with my unbrushed hair would likely scare them away (what?!? When I work from home I shower at lunch or after 5:00), I decided that a nicer visual was needed.

I thought about making something myself but well, I’m lazy and a quick search online proved useful. I stumbled upon this site that had some gorgeous no soliciting signs that you can print at home.

NSsign2 I printed two pages to see which one I liked best with my red front door and then cut out the sign that I liked the most. The next step was trying to figure out where to hang it. I wanted the sign to hang on the front door so I thought about adhering the paper to a wooden plaque that I hung on the door with magnets (easy enough, right?!?). Then I remembered something I had in the basement.

athomewithh_nosoliciting_coversI bought this three-pack of magnetic vent covers a couple of years ago to hang on the vents in the bathroom and the basement. I was excited to see that not only did I have a full sheet left, but I also had a partial sheet from the bathroom project and it was a little larger than I needed so it was perfect!

I cut the magnetic sheet so that it was the same size as my paper sign (5x7) and then  adhered the sign to the white side of the sheet using spray adhesive.  I thought about applying modpodge to the sign to protect it but since the sign is behind a glass door I figured it was safe from the elements and I could save myself the trouble.

athomewithh_nosoliciting_adhesiveThe magnetic sheet easily sticks to the front door and can be placed anywhere on the door.

athomewithh_nosoliciting     athomewithh_nosoliciting_door Hopefully the new sign will deter people from knocking. I love how easy this project was and that it was FREE to me!


  1. Ugh...I hear ya! They are nuts in my neck of the woods also. This is a great way of getting the point across, while not having that ugly sticker you buy at the store

  2. Ha! I have a No Soliciting sign on my door and someone still knocked. When I came to the door and pointed at the sign, he said, "What does soliciting mean?" This was an adult male.

  3. Great idea! Your blog is great and I love your house.


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