Friday, August 5, 2011

House vs. Health

The other day I realized that since I bought my home six years ago I’ve packed on a number of pounds that I won’t share. What I will share is the fact that I honestly believe a lot of it has to do with being a home owner. When I rented, I worked all day, went to the gym after work and then ran errands before eating and going to bed. Since owning a house my gym time is non-existent anymore. I work all day, drive an hour home, take a nap, eat dinner, do projects/clean around the house/run errands and then go to bed. Owning a house by yourself is a lot of work – you and only you are responsible for cleaning, projects, improvements, yard work, etc. and it takes a lot out of a person when you have a full time job as well. Of course in the past year I’ve also put on weight since when I am stressed or worried the last thing I think about is myself and I eat out a LOT, so dealing with my breakup and the failing health of my father hasn’t helped my waistline.
So I’m breaking free of the handcuffs my house has had on me for the past six years. When I return from work I’m walking outside or riding my bike to get some exercise. I’m no longer worrying about having my house be clean enough to eat off the floor. I’ve also started planning out my meals, which helps when grocery shopping on Sundays but also helps since if I see what I need to make the next night I can take things out of the freezer rather than worrying on the drive home what to eat since nothing is defrosted.  I’ve been using the dry erase board in my kitchen to plan out my weekly meals.
You’ll notice Saturday doesn’t have anything – that’s because I give myself one free day a week to eat whatever depending on what I’m doing (I may have a dinner date with a guy/friends or I may just feel like ice cream that night to battle the 90 degree weather and I’m fine with that once a week).  One meal that has been on my calendar weekly all summer is tomato with cottage cheese. I never tire of this since fresh Michigan tomatoes from my garden or the farmer’s market just can’t be beat. (I slice the tomato like a flower and fill it with a little low fat cottage cheese – yum)
When it is too hot outside to walk/jog/bike I’ve been biking in the basement. I have two bikes – one is for riding on the roads (it has a mountain bike frame but skinner tires like a road bike – a hybrid bike) and the other is my mountain bike that I have set up in the basement on a bike trainer. This setup also appeals to my desire to watch crappy television at night.
athomewithh_bike_basement I also hope to go get some new running shoes this weekend since I desperately need new ones so we’ll see if the cost of new shoes will prompt me to run more – I’m hoping it will.  I miss the days of friends living in the same city since we’d go to the gym together after work but now it is up to me and I have to put myself ahead of my house. Trust me – that is harder to do than say.


  1. Just get out and move, you will feel so good!
    I started running (jogging a little and walking) last week, and I feel so good later that I haven't stopped. I felt like getting motivated for the very first run was the hardest thing. Happy Friday!

  2. Blogger won't let me post with my account for some reason...

    I saw an email from DSW that they had 500 rewards points for the purchase of atheletic shoes this week. Not sure if you shop DSW or have their rewards card, but I love bonus points towards new shoes:)


  3. Hi Alanna - like I said, I am getting out and moving. The hard part was finding the time when I'm away from home 11 hours during the day for work.

    Thanks, AJ! I'll have to check out DSW (it is right by Michaels - where I need to go tomorrow anyway!).


  4. I hope you work through your lil down time soon. And I think its great that you can recognize when its time to stop and get some much needed "you time".Have a great rest of the week.


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