Friday, August 26, 2011

Putty in My Hands

A few items from my to-do list were to paint the insides of my entry doors glossy white, install the new lock/handle on the side door and spray paint the screen door hardware to match the front door hardware.  I finally tackled these this past weekend since I didn’t have any fun plans and figured it would be better than watching reality television. I’ll break up the posts into a few so I can give details and not make this too long. Today I’ll cover painting the doors. 

A couple of years ago I painted the front and side exterior doors red – they used to be a blah putty color. I gave the blow-by-blow back then so I won’t repeat myself – go check out this post for the exact steps and the tools I used.  What I did do differently, however, is I used Floetrol (a paint additive) to help minimize the brush strokes on the finished door. Let me back up to say bloggers have been raving about Floetrol and the fact that it erases your brush/roller marks and I did find that to be true. However, what I also found to be true is that this stuff makes your paint hard to work with. I messed up the paint more than a few times since the paint becomes more sticky, so you have to be more careful about re-rolling over an area you just applied paint to. If you look close enough at my doors you’ll see a couple of spots where it isn’t as smooth as the other spots and normally I would have fixed this but after five coats and six hours of painting I gave up.

Once again, the putty-colored door needed to go. I’ve lived with it for long enough and I wanted the door to be stark white to match all of the other interior doors of my home. Some people are painting their doors bright, fun colors but I love the look of a crisp, white door not to mention that I hate painting doors and white goes with everything.  I replaced the brass door hardware on the front door many years ago with my dad’s assistance but I never did anything about the brass hinges. Yuck. I figured since I was painting the door I might as well address the hinges as well (more on that in a bit).

before_door_athomewithhOnce again, I followed the prep steps in the old post, I didn’t remove the door from the frame and I taped around the door hardware since I wasn’t up for the task of removing it (for the front door anyway).  Like I said, it took five coats of the semi-gloss white to get the desired effect. Now, those hinges. Since it is just me here there was no way I was going to remove all of the hinges, thus removing the heavy door from the frame. I figured I could remove one hinge at a time, spray paint it and then reattach the hinge before moving to the next. This plan worked great – but it took two days. (To speed things up I took one hinge from the front door and one from the side door so I was always painting two hinges at a time rather than doing it door-by-door.)

I took a piece of my new door hardware (that would be installed on the side door later) into the store to find a match in the spray paint aisle. The hardware color is Aged Bronze and the closest spray paint I could find was Oil Rubbed Bronze by Rust-Oleum. I was worried the Oil Rubbed Bronze might read a little browner than the Aged Bronze but figured it was worth a shot. So, I removed the hinges (which simply required opening the door and removing the screws attaching the hinge to the door and to the frame), stuck the screws into a piece of foam, lightly sanded the hinges with 220 grit sandpaper, wiped off the hinges and placed everything on a large sheet of cardboard on my lawn.

spray_hinges_athomewithh Then I sprayed everything with two thin layers of paint, let it dry for around 30 minutes between coats, then turned over the hinges and did the same to the backside of the hinges.  I waited for four hours before rehanging the hinge on the door to ensure they were nice and dry.

after_door_athomewithh Ahhh…isn’t the white door with the dark bronze hardware gorgeous? Now, if only I could figure out a way to get rid of the brass in the pesky half circle window at the top of the door. I tried taking it apart but my glass is a solid piece unfortunately.

halfcircle_window_athomewithh At least the brass matches the middle of the door locks from the outside I guess:

hardware_athomewithhI’ll be back with details/pics of installing new door hardware on the side door and the hardware on my front screen door. Here’s my updated to-do list now that the doors and hardware have been taken care of.  Ugh- all I really want to finish from this list is the picket fence. Let’s see if I can do it before fall…



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