Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sprout Delay

I generally only buy a handful of potatoes at a time since I only cook for one these days and a bag of potatoes generally sprouts and goes bad before I have a chance to eat them. Since I only have a few I have never had a good place to store them – I tend to just leave them on the counter next to the stove.

potatoinkitchen_athomewithhI started thinking about storage ideas but my kitchen is tiny so space was limited. I noticed this odd space leading down to the basement and I wondered if I could build a storage box of sorts to fit in the space but the more I thought about it the more it seemed like it wouldn’t work/look right in that space.

possible_binlocation_athomewithhI then googled (yep, it’s a verb) to see what I could find online and that’s when I found the Orka storage sacks. These natural cotton and linen bags claim to keep veggies fresher longer since they protect veggies from light and delay sprouting. That sounded about right since I knew that potatoes should be stored in a dry, dark space with ventilation for best results (even though I knew that I have never followed through on that – call me lazy). I loved the look of them, the drawstring closures, that you add veggies to the top and remove from the bottom and the fact that they can hang.

Sadly I couldn’t find the potato-sized bag anywhere online but I did find the Garlic storage bag on clearance at Crate & Barrel for $5. So, I bought the garlic bag even though it was smaller (it holds 2 lbs) but I figured it would likely hold the amount of potatoes I use.  Of course a couple of days later I saw that restocked the potato bag (holds 8 lbs) so I quickly purchased that one as well for $10.

garlic_bag_athomewithh  potatobag_athomewithh

I thought about returning the garlic bag but then I realized it would be perfect for onions (though they do sell an onion bag as well) so both bags stayed in the house.  The next thing I had to decide was where to hang them. As I stated my kitchen is small and I figured they wouldn’t work in there but my initial idea of having potato storage leading to the basement still made sense. I have some hooks on the wall that my aprons hang from so I figured I’d just hang these bags there as well. Perfect!

bags2_athomewithh I love that they are out of the way but still visible so I won’t forget them like I did when I used to store the potatoes in the basement in a bag. Now, if you’re worried that the window will provide too much sunlight I thought about that as well and will be updating the window sometime this week – stay tuned!

bags_basement_athomewithhHow cute are the embroidered pictures of a potato and garlic? Granted, my green one holds onions but still – how cute! 

markings_athomewithh Currently my potato bag is holding five potatoes but like I said this baby holds up to 8 lbs (though reviewers said it is more like 5 lbs – still more than I ever buy). I’m thinking I may mix my Russet potatoes with some smaller round potatoes in one bag – yep, I’m a rebel.


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