Monday, August 22, 2011

Video Killed the Radio Star

I took a video tour of the exterior of my home…oh, in June. I finally remembered it the other day and uploaded it to Vimeo in case you wanted to check it out. It is a standard yard for my city – small, only a few mature trees and the house is close to the sidewalk.

Things to note:

  • Sorry it is shaky – now you see why my parents wouldn’t let me hold the camcorder during parties/holidays since I make people dizzy
  • My foundation is not “freshly” painted; I meant “newly” painted but again, that was back in April
  • I covered the house numbers with a shirt to keep my address private
  • Again, this was in June when I had pretty flowers
  • I’m not sure why I was so focused on Sami but she loves being outside so I had to show her (but once would have been enough)
  • My mailman interrupted me while I was doing the first taping – I think he thought I was crazy walking around my house talking to myself (as I’m sure my neighbors did, too)

It isn’t anything terribly exciting but I was playing with my Flip HD so I figured I’d share it (the only other thing I’ve videotaped so far is Sami and who besides me wants to see my fat cat attack a box?).  If you can’t see it above, feel free to check it out on Vimeo.


  1. Sami disappeared!
    JJ and Max were excited to see her ;)
    Your hostas are huge! Ready to split and maybe enlarge some planting beds next year?

  2. It looks like you have a good spot behind the garage or near the garage for a vege garden. Have you thought about doing a vege garden?


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