Monday, August 15, 2011

When the Skies are Gray

Remember the DIY picture ledges I made in February? I’ve updated the pictures a couple of times but one picture has bugged me for months – well, not the picture but the plain white mat.

whiteframe_athomewithh The picture of our house was being washed out by the white mat. I’ve debated painting it, wrapping it with fabric or buying a new one. Two weeks ago while I was at Michaels I noticed they had a large selection of mats marked down 70% off in their clearance aisle. I quickly grabbed a fun black mat that I thought would look nice with the picture. When I got home I quickly swapped them out – much better.

blackframe_athomewithhHowever, you couldn’t really notice the fun pattern on the mat, which is the reason I bought it in the first place. I decided to break out the ink again (I last did this in the kitchen to the hook my oven mitts hang from) to make the pattern pop. I grabbed my Color Box inkpad in Sky Gray (the same color I used in the kitchen). You simply turn the inkpad upside down and lightly rub it over the raised pattern. This highlights the pattern since the ink sticks to the top but not in the crevices.

inkpad_athomewithh If you get too much color in one spot you can lightly rub it out with your finger before it dries. I like the subtle detail that you can now see on the mat. Here’s what the mat looked like with a little ink:


And here it is in the frame (sorry, with the glare of the glass, it is hard to get a good picture):

finalframe_athomewithh I stepped back, happy with my new mat but the left side of the ledge looked a little dark and heavy compared to the right.  I quickly noticed that it was because I had the frame with the black mat and a dark metal frame on the same side.

darkside_frames_athomewithh Easy to fix – I just moved the metal and light blue frame to the right side and the dark blue and small white frame over to the left. It was an easy fix that makes the shelf feel more balanced to me.

equal_frames_athomewithh There you have it – my $1.50 fix for the picture ledge (cost of the mat).

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