Thursday, September 1, 2011

How To: Install Door Knobs and Deadbolts

All of my exterior doors now have pretty Aged Bronze Georgian knobs.  The front and back door knobs were installed two+ years ago and last weekend I finally got around to installing the side door knob – you know, the ones I’ve had sitting in the basement for over a year?!? You could spray paint the old ones to save some dough but I wanted to upgrade my locks since I hadn’t done it since buying the home (yes, I was told I had all of the keys but who knows if that is true). The ones I bought were pricey at $50 a set but I figure it was well worth it for my safety. All of the old knobs/locks in my home were a lovely brass that I couldn’t bear wait to part with.


Now, when I’ve done this before the instructions were actually written out. This time? Nope – pictures-only ala IKEA furniture. So hopefully my terminology makes sense since I am kind of doing it from memory. ;) Don’t hate me if you do it backwards. Begin by removing the screws holding the doorknob and other hardware in place. The screws will be located on the interior side of the door.  Remove everything so you are left with holes in the door and frame.

doorlocks1_athomewithh Then, install the strike plates to the door frame. Yep, in this pic I didn’t replace the top one yet since, well, I misplaced it. :)  It has since been replaced. I blame the cat.

doorlocks2_athomewithh Next, choose a faceplate to match your door. Yours might have rounded edges, squared edges or a round hole. Mine are squared edges but I used the rounded faceplates on the other doors so I went ahead and used the rounded one again. Apparently I was lazy before or maybe I didn’t read the step (maybe that’s why they got rid of text and only use graphics now) so I figured I’d just have all of the doors match.  Screw in the latch and deadbolt with the word ‘Top’ facing upward (deadbolt on top, latch on bottom). Be sure to orient the new latch in the correct direction to ensure that the door will close properly

doorlocks3_athomewithhInstall exterior handle so that the keyway is pointed up. The pin should slide through the hole in the middle of the latch piece and into the corresponding hole on the interior handle. Screw into place.


Install deadbolt with the keyway pointing up. Ensure pin slides into the interior side of the deadbolt. Screw into place. The deadbolt for my door was a pain since it was a tad larger than the door hole so I used a rubber mallet to gently coax the deadbolt into place. I did mess up my new paint job slightly with the deadbolt install so touch-up is needed.

doorlocks4_athomewithh doorlocks_after_athomewithh That’s it! It should take about 10 minutes to install or if you’re like me and you misplace a piece it will take you a day to hunt that sucker down (it was on the table the whole time – though the table is no where near the door or the other pieces so I’m not sure how it got there. Maybe I have ghosts.).  Good luck!

I’ll leave you with one final look of the door – after painted hinges, new hardware and the door was painted white.  sidedoor_final_athomewithh

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