Monday, September 5, 2011

I Fought the Door..and the Door Won

The final update I wanted to make to the entrance doors to my house (after painting the entry doors white, painting the door hinges Oil Rubbed Bronze and installing new door hardware on the side entrance door) was to paint the hardware on the glass storm door at the front of my house. I figured it would be as easy as unscrewing everything, spraying it with paint and re-installing. I was wrong.

First, let me show the before pictures. More lovely fake brass handles (the outside was rubbing off) and what I’m going to call a door sweep since I’m not sure what the proper term is for that thing.

screenhandle_before_athomewithh screenhandle_before__outside_athomewithh

doorsweep_before_athomewithh I wanted them to match the newly painted hinges so I gathered my supplies:


  1. Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic Spray Paint
  2. Liquid Deglosser
  3. Rubber Gloves
  4. Soft Cloth
  5. High Grit Sandpaper (in this case 400)

I started off by trying to remove the hardware from the door. I removed the first two interior screws and pulled…nothing happened. I then removed the screws holding the latches in place and still nothing happened. I fidgeted with the door hardware for ten minutes before giving up. I re-screwed everything back in place and decided to go another route. I taped a plastic tarp around the door handles and covered as much of both sides of the glass door as I could. I then taped newspaper along the door sweep since that sucker also wouldn’t budge once all of the screws were removed. I vaguely remember this being the issue years ago when I thought about painting these pieces but my mind must have blocked that information until now.

Once everything was taped off, I donned my safety goggles so I could win this battle once and for all. Don’t I look fierce? This is my game face in case you were wondering (and I’m representing the ‘D’ – go Tigers!).

gameface_athomewithhAfter I put on my rubber gloves, the next step was to sand all of the hardware pieces using my 400 grit sandpaper.  I then wiped everything clean with a dry cloth before wiping everything with a liquid deglosser to help the paint adhere. I let everything dry for about ten minutes before applying a thin, even coat of spray paint. I continued applying coats after letting each coat dry (about ten minutes between coats since it was a hot day). A word of warning – I don’t have a key for this lock – I just lock the door from the inside so I didn’t take precaution against paint getting in the lock on the front side of the door. If you DO have a lock that you use, insert the key into the lock prior to painting (or any key that will fit will do) and apply your paint while the key is still in the lock. This will protect the lock from getting gummed up with spray paint.

screenhandle_painting_athomewithh doorsweep_painting_athomewithh I’m not going to lie – this was a pain in the a$$. Finally, after many thin coats (I lost count), I removed the plastic, tape and paper while the paint was still a little wet so that nothing would stick and later pull up any of the paint. There were some areas I missed (underneath the handles didn’t get sprayed very well) so I sprayed a little of the spray paint into an empty plastic disposable cup and used a small paint brush to apply the paint to the missed spots. Seriously – remember that trick!

The finished hardware and door sweep look amazing! (pics were taken while everything finished drying.

doorsweep_after_athomewithh screenhandle2_after_athomewithh Good bye, brass!   And that ends the entrance door updates. Finally.


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