Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Button Up

Since I was adding pink to my room in small doses (see the lamp shade that started it all), I bought a two-pack of light pink pillow cases from TJMaxx for $6. They complimented the pink in the lamp shade without being all matchy-matchy so I put them on the bed. I then shopped around for throw pillows that resembled my inspiration pillows. Remember this picture?


I found some at TJMaxx for $10 or $15 but I really didn’t want to spend much since I already spent $100 on the new bed, $21.50 on the new lamp/recovered shade and a whopping $2 on the art. I wanted to work with what I had so I looked around the house for some small pillows to use instead. Enter the $3 pillows I had in the basement.

pillows_before_athomewithh They were pretty as they were (I love me some tufting) but I thought they needed a splash of color added to them. See those white buttons? Yep – I decided to swamp ‘em out. I bought a Craft Cover Button Kit from JoAnn’s for $10 (it came with 14 buttons, 14 backs, template, mold and pusher tools) and another fabric square for $2 (the polka dot pink one).

supplies_athomewithh  The blue stripe fabric (which was in my stash) ended up not being used and the navy fabric is actually one of my Dad’s (unused) hankies that I brought home with me. The process of covering buttons is quite easy.

Step 1: Place the template that comes with the kit on your fabric, using the inside window to line up the desired image that will appear on the button. Trace around the outside of the template and cut out the circle.

fabric_trace_athomewithhStep 2: Center the fabric, wrong side up, over the button mold and place a button shell on top of the fabric. Press the button shell into the mold.

Step 3: Tuck the extra fabric into the button shell.

Step 4: Place the button back with the shank over the tucked fabric and press down firmly with the pusher to snap the back into place.

buttons_athomewithh I then removed the white buttons and sewed the colorful buttons in their place. I mistakenly got buttons a tad larger than the original buttons so they are bigger pops of color than I originally intended.

pillows_after_athomewithh pillows_room_athomewithh I like both the white and the colorful buttons so depending on my mood either side may be shown (the other side still has white buttons). Like I said, I thought they would be a little more subtle but with the bigger buttons, subtle they are not. :)

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