Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cover it Up

I know…another bedroom post! What can I say – when I get the itch to revamp a room I jump in with both feet. Since I recently added a new lamp (with a fabric lampshade that I covered myself) to the bedroom I wondered if I still needed the small wall lamps on either side of the bed. Initially I thought I’d remove them since I had the table lamp but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to keep the lamps for now. See, I sleep on the side closest to the door (and alarm clock) so when reading in bed at night the table lamp isn’t exactly easy for me to get to to turn on/off just before dozing to sleep.  The problem was the light cords – they weren’t pretty to look at so something needed to be done.


Side note – I apparently enjoy doing projects while washing my sheets on the weekends. I hope you enjoy looking at my mattress. ;)

I bought a Wiremold 5’ white cord channel from Home Depot for $4.49.  This is used to hide a single cord and the best part (besides the easy install that a child could do) is that they are paintable and stainable.

cordchannel_athomewithh I removed the packaging and read the installation steps that were printed on the inside of the packaging.  It looked easy enough:

cordchannel2_athomewithhStep 1. Clean the wall so the channel will stick. You shouldn’t use this on textured surfaces since it may not stick well.

Step 2. Cut the strip to the desired length. Since only a small portion of my cord is visible (I cut each to 9”), I was able to use one 5’ cord channel for both lights. Yea!  I used snips to cut the plastic channel since scissors weren’t strong enough and I didn’t feel like breaking out any saws.

cord_measure_athomewithh Step 3. Insert the cord and snap shut.

cord_insert_athomewithh Step 4. Peel the tape liner from the backside of the channel.

cord_backing_athomewithhStep 5. Press firmly against wall.

cord_applied_athomewithhStep 6. Paint to match wall color.  While you’re at it, patch and paint any other holes in your wall like I did (holes from the hanging hardware from the old headboard had to be filled in and painted).

cord_after2_athomewithhThey look great and the lights look a little more finished now.

cord_after3_athomewithhThe master bedroom is done for now. I may still do something to the wall behind the bed when I’m bored and cooped up in the house this winter, but for now I’m considering it done.  Here’s a reminder of the before and now:

Before: masterbed1_athomewithh








  1. I *love* the bowls that your jewelry is in! Are they new or have I just always missed them?

  2. Hi Stephie,
    The gray ikat bowl is from Anthropologie (March 2011 - $8), the white bowl with pink inside is from TJMaxx (summer 2011 - $3 - it looks almost identical to the ones at Anthropologie that sell for $8), and the flower bowl is from Anthropologie (2009 or 2010 - $5).


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    Thanks to information.


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