Monday, October 3, 2011

In Memory – Part 2

Some amazing friends have sent me some beautiful plants and flowers to bring me peace during this difficult time. I’ve received:

a Peace Plant

dad_plant1_athomewithh a mixture of plants

dad_plant_athomewithh an Orchid

orchid1_athomewithh I also received some beautiful roses that I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of since they were at my desk at work. I’m still trying to figure out the best place for them all since my house receives limited light so for now they are scattered throughout the living and dining rooms.

I think I mentioned when I created the shadow box that I have a lot of Dad’s smaller trinkets that I needed to put somewhere (in addition to a few larger items that I’ve put in the house but won’t be showing since I’m keeping that to myself). When we cleaned out Dad’s dresser I found a tub that I made him in kindergarten and he kept all this time.  I put the smaller items in that and then decided to put the tub along with some other items in the blue lacquer box that I have in the office. Once I removed the top tray the tub fit perfectly when the lid was shut.

dad_mem_athomewithh It has been a tough month but I’m dealing in the best way that I can – by hanging out with friends, keeping busy at work and doing random house projects (that I need to upload to the computer so I can post here).

Let’s take another look at that Orchid – it is beautiful and my first Orchid so hopefully I don’t kill it. You water it by placing three ice cubes on the soil each week – seems easy enough. :)


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