Monday, October 10, 2011

Love is on the Wall

I found this great long and skinny picture frame when I was helping my Mom clean the house. Luckily for me she said I could have it and I immediately thought about making a jewelry organizer out of it. I forgot to take a picture before I painted it white, but it was a medium shade of wood with gold trim.

loveframe_before The more I thought about my room the more I decided that a jewelry organizer wasn’t what I wanted since I already have some hooks on the wall for my large necklaces and cute bowls for my earrings and bracelets on my vanity. Instead I needed something tall to balance out the window on one side of my bed. See, what I mean? There’s a window on one side and nothing on the other above the bedside table. I’ve always hated how off balanced the room was so I decided that I might be able to trick the eye a bit with some artwork.


I decided to use nickel thumb tacks and foam board for my artwork so my first step was to buy a piece of foam board and a box of nickel thumb tacks from the dollar store. I measured the frame opening and cut the foam board to size.  Next, I decided to wrap the foam board in fabric so it wasn’t so plain and to give it a little texture. Since I previously removed the headboard, I decided to reuse the duck cloth fabric that was on the old padded headboard.  I cut the fabric a little larger than the foam board and then wrapped it around the foam board, using a common desk stapler to staple the fabric in place.

love_staple_athomewithh I then simply placed the wrapped foam board into the back of the frame. With the frame turned so the correct side was facing up, I measured the opening and decided that each letter of my word could be around 5 inches tall. Using a fabric pen (the ink disappears after a while), I sketched out the letters on my fabric while trying to keep it straight. If I was more careful, I would have measured everything out but I wanted it to be a little free-form and organic so I didn’t make each letter exactly the same size.

love_invisibleink_athomewithh I then placed my thumb tacks along the outline making small corrections as needed so that the thumb tacks fit without any overlapping and so that there was a very small space between each tack.

love_tacks_athomewithh When I was was done I had this:

love_fin_athomewithh I love how simple the thumb tacks are and yet they add a little elegance to the simple art. Be careful, if your art doesn’t have a back since the tacks stick nicely to the foam board but the tips do go through:

love_back_athomewithh That’s it. This took about 15 minutes. I love the simplicity of it and that it adds a little height to a side of the room that previously didn’t have any. In regards to how high I hung it, at first I wanted it to be even with the top of the window frame but then it would be floating by itself and I wanted it to feel grounded by tying it into the table and lamp.



Total cost for art: $2 (foam board and tacks) since I already owned the fabric, frame and spray paint.


  1. Soooo sweet and I love the pillows too!

  2. I really like this idea! The updates are looking super cute :)


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