Monday, October 17, 2011

Makin’ a Gallery Wall

I mentioned a while back that I was tired of the art I had in my bedroom. I have been staring that the row of three prints from Spain for over five years now and they had to go. I immediately knew that I wanted to hang a gallery wall here since I have a bunch of frames sitting in the basement and I had a few new items that I wanted to display: a plaque of my Dad’s and the canvas art from the UP that I had made.


I began by cutting newspaper to the same size as my frames so that I could play with a layout that I liked.  I decided to use the same wall (the one to your immediate right when you walk in the door) since when lying in bed that’s the wall I stare at so I hung the templates up to see what it looked like when my pattern was moved from the floor to the wall.

gallery_paper_athomewithhI liked it so I measured for nails and then started hanging up the art. I ended up with something that captures most of my favorite things/places and it makes me smile when I look up from reading at night.

gallery_close_athomewithh  gallery_athomewithh Notice the ceramic frame that I made over? Our family dog’s portrait got clipped to one of them and now has a prominent position in the gallery wall. I found the key at the thrift store for .50 cents (it was a hideous gold color so I promptly painted it white), the wooden plaque was my Dad’s, and the wood/metal piece is from printing at the newspaper and it has the county of my hometown on it.

Here’s a wider view from the bed. It looks bigger in person but seeing it in print makes me want to add more pictures but I’m not sure that I would since the room is small and I don’t want this wall to overpower anything else.


Funny how the only actual picture in my gallery wall is of our family pet – everything else is random pieces: handkerchief, plaque, art I made, postcards, canvas, ceramic or a printing block.

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