Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sweet Dreams

When I bought my queen size mattress seven years ago the mattress store gave me a metal bed frame to support the box spring and mattress. I’ve used that metal frame since then and I’ve hated it every day since then as well. The wheels moved so I had to put furniture thingys underneath the wheels, the frame squeaked when you got into the bed and I tried to make it pretty by making a headboard but the headboard was never the correct size for the bed:


So here’s the before of the homemade headboard and frame:

masterbed_before_athomewithh masterbed_frame_athomewithhI toyed with a few ideas – making a farmhouse bed from Ana White’s site (but that looked a little too country for me and too difficult without another person to help), buying a bed from IKEA and reupholstering it to look like the coveted Colette bed (but the IKEA bed came in a full size not a queen) or buying an antique bed from a local Craigslist seller.  After scouring Craigslist and every store I could think of for months I finally found a beautiful bed for sale for $125.  I called the seller and talked her down to $100 so I made plans to drive 40 minutes to look at the bed and if I liked it, bring it home.

I drive a CR-V which can fit a LOT of stuff in it; however it sadly cannot fit a queen headboard (however the frame did fit in the car). So I did what I do best – I improvised. I strapped that baby to my roof using a blanket as a protective layer between the bed and my car and then used various ropes to hold it tight. I admit – even I was impressed with my skills when it did not budge a single inch in the 40 minute drive home.

masterbed_car_athomewithh I admit I was disappointed by two things: 1) it was not antique but it looked the part so I handed over my cash and 2) it did not have a wood frame like I thought, but rather had a solid wood headboard and metal frame. I lugged that heavy beast of a headboard inside and began assembling the bed. It took a little brain power since I wasn’t entirely sure what all the holes in the headboard legs were for but after an hour (yes, it took me that long!) I had a sturdy, pretty bed!


Look – the headboard actually fits the width of the mattress!  Initially I thought I might paint the frame if it was in bad shape but the bed was only a little over a year old and in perfect condition so the gorgeous wood stays (you’re welcome, Mom!).  I love the detail, the shape of the headboard and the heft of it (that sucker is solid). newbed3_athomewithh newbed1_athomewithhnewbed2_athomewithh I encountered one slight problem. When you rest up against the headboard, it knocked back into the wall since it was about 1.5” from the wall. I figured that was an easy fix – I could just cut a piece of wood that was 1.5” thick to size and screw it into the wall for the bed to rest against. Luckily for me I found the perfect piece of scrap wood in the garage so all I had to do was cut off one bad end of the wood and then screw it into the wall.

masterbed_wood_athomewithh The bed no longer knocks into the wall thus saving my sanity.

masterbed_wood2_athomewithh This switcheroo cost me $100 for the bed. It’s not what I originally wanted (metal frame vs. wood one) but for the price I couldn’t say no. Oh, and the metal frame of this bed is much nicer than my old one – the wheels have locks on them to keep the bed from rolling, the bars are thicker and the middle bar that supports the box spring is bigger and sturdier than my old one.  I’m thrilled with the upgrade.

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