Friday, October 21, 2011


Since using the cord channel worked so well in the bedroom I decided to buy another one from Home Depot to the tune of $4.49 to use in the basement. You see, the cable line was hanging down from the ceiling behind the tv in the basement:

cord_before_basement_athomewithh Not so pretty. This time I used the entire 5’ length of a new cord channel to hide the ugly cable so I followed the same steps as before  minus the step to cut the channel (1 – clean wall, 2 – insert cord, 3 – peel tape liner from back, 4 – press firmly against wall and 5 – paint)

I used my trusty level to ensure I hung the channel nice and straight…

cord_level_athomewithh …and was left with a nicely concealed cable.

cord_applied_basement_athomewithh Then I grabbed my left over paint from the basement and painted the cover to conceal it even more.  I was too excited to let the paint dry before I started snapping pics as is evident below.

cord_paint_athomewithh Now you don’t stare at the ugly cable but rather you can check out my new lampshade for the lamp by brother gave me and I rewired. It was originally $15 at Target but I got it for $3.70 on clearance. Gotta love those Target deals!

cord_after_basement2_athomewithh cord_after_basement3_athomewithh cord_after_basement_athomewithhFrom across the room you can’t even tell that the channel is there unless you’re looking for it.

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  1. Looks great! We had those in our family room too! then my hubby got in wall ones last X-mas, now we have a line of white on all the walls! lol I need to touch it up badly! ;)


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