Friday, November 4, 2011

Moving on Up: Part Deuce

I previously showed you parts of the apartment my Mom is moving into so today I’ll finish up the tour with the bedrooms and living/dining room.

The living/dining room is one huge space that is along the front of her building. When we started it was painted a cream color and there was some unpainted paneling where the new windows had been installed. The room is huge but it does have some challenges: the ceiling is low in this room (just above 7’), there’s a wall air conditioning unit, the windows are varying sizes and there are only three small ceiling lights.

living2_before_newapartment dining2_before_apartment dining_before_newapartmentIn one week we: painted the room a sage green color, caulked between the ceiling trim and the ceiling to close the annoying gaps (yes, I’m anal), painted the baseboards, insulated around two of the windows and the air unit and then mudded the holes so I could paint, swapped out the beige outlets for new white ones and moved some of the larger furniture from the house over here.

living_after_newapartment dining2_after_apartment  dining_after_newapartment As I mentioned, the apartment has three bedrooms. They are all roughly the same size so Mom took the middle one as the master bedroom, the one closest to the living room will be her craft room and the one at the end of the hall is the guest room.

Sorry, the only picture I got of the craft room has my nephew being a goof in it. :) Mom liked the huge fluorescent light since it will make stamping/scrapbooking/etc easier. This room just needs a light paint color applied to the walls and some curtains. She’ll have fun organizing this room (or will she leave that for me? Time will tell!).

bed3_before_newapartment The master bedroom looked like something out of a lodge since the walls were wormwood and had a clear coat on the wood. This room also had a small section of wallpaper that had to go!


master2_before_newapartment We filled in some of the larger holes with wood filler and then sanded them down before priming with oil-based primer and applying two coats of a nice taupe latex paint. We also removed wallpaper, replaced the brown light switch and outlets with new white ones, painted the ceiling white and painted the trim (though I’d like to paint the inside of the window sill white). Mom’s friend should be able to install baseboards for her this week and we hope to swap out the closet doors at a later time. My brother built a new shelf along one wall to replace the dinky one that was there before so Mom painted it the same taupe as the walls after I took these pictures. We also plan to starch fabric to the wall above the shelf since once we removed wallpaper, it ripped some of the drywall and looked terrible. The wall really should be covered again so fabric it is. We were going to remove the wood panels in this room but once we removed one we realized that 1) the drywall behind it wasn’t taped or mudded and we didn’t have the time to fix that and 2) the carpet doesn’t go all the way to the drywall so she’d be missing carpet for at least an inch around the entire room.


master1_after_newapartment  master_shelf_after_newapartment The final bedroom is the guest room. We didn’t do a single thing in this room so here’s what it looks like right now.


We debated pulling up the carpet in the apartment but its in really good shape and it also adds warmth and a layer of sound barrier between the apartment and the store below so we decided to keep it. Mom just needs to have it cleaned before moving in!

Some other things we did that I forgot to take pictures of include:

  • Pulled up the carpeting and padding in the entry room
  • Pulled up staples and carpet tack strips from the entry room
  • Painted the ceiling in the entry room

Yep – I completely forgot pictures of the entry room. It is HUGE and will be nice to have a mudroom set up on one side and the treadmill on the other. This ends the tour of the apartment. There’s still a TON to do but I’m happy with the progress we’ve made thus far. Now, Mom just needs to finish packing and get her stuff moved over since I plan on helping with more projects in December.


  1. It's shaping up really well :)
    I'm excited to see how you and your mom decorate it!

  2. I cant wait either Im always excited to see the way others make their spaces unique to them.


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