Monday, November 21, 2011

Soft Place to Rest Your Head

Remember my gorgeous new headboard? Yea – I still love it. However, I’ve found that the smooth surface of the headboard has been a bit of an issue when it comes to my pillow. See – I move a lot when I sleep and I’ve been waking up with my pillow looking like this…

headboard_panel_pillow_athomewithh …and a headache to boot. I’m guessing since my head is only partially on the pillow at this point it is causing my neck pain, which then causes the headache.  What’s ironic is that when I first bought the bed I thought “Wow – the middle section would be perfect to hang a padded panel on.” Too bad it took me this long to follow through!

So, this weekend I finally made a padded panel to hang on my headboard. Let’s take a close look to an older pic of my headboard. See the nice trim? It was what made me think about padding the headboard in a non-permanent way since the trim would be perfect for outlining the panel!


I found this post where the homeowners did what I wanted to do but they used plywood. I couldn’t find a piece that was long enough without having to buy a whole sheet of plywood so I improvised. I mostly didn’t want to spend the cash and I had another (cheaper) idea in mind.

I bought two sheets of foam board from the Dollar Store for a $1 each. I knew that two of these taped together would be longer than I needed but they could easily be cut plus it was the exact height I needed for my bed! So, I taped the two sheets together using duct tape.

headboard_panel_tape_athomewithh Once they were taped, I measured the long piece and cut it using an exacto knife. Easy enough. The next step was to wrap the entire thing in two light layers of batting. I had the batting left over from my old headboard so I just used what I had. I attached the batting with staples around each edge of the entire  panel.

headboard_panel_batting_athomewithh The next step was to wrap the panel with the fabric I bought for the project. I looked FOREVER for something I liked and I finally found this solid pale pink home decorator fabric in the clearance section at JoAnn’s. It was $3.50 for just under a foot of fabric and the reason I went with this is because I couldn’t stop touching it. The fabric is so soft and the pink would go perfectly with my new bedroom color scheme. However, I found that I couldn’t get the staples to hold this time. So I whipped out the duct tape again and just taped it in place. I wrapped the fabric the same way I would if I was recovering a seat cushion.


I bought some 3M Command strips for this project for around $6 for the package. I applied these to the back of the panel and then hung the panel on the headboard.


headboard_panel_stripsapplied_athomewithh  headboard_panel_hung_athomewithh The best part (besides that my pillow now stays in place and I didn’t have a headache this morning!) is that this is non-permanent. If I get sick of the panel I can take it down or if I want to change up the fabric I can easily take it down, swap the fabric and then rehang the panel. You can’t see the panel unless I have the bed ready for sleeping since the pillows cover it up during the day…

headboard_panel_final_athomewithh …but at night it is a great place to rest your head against while reading in bed.

headboard_panel_panel_athomewithh So that was my $11.50 update to my bed. Yea for simple solutions that are pretty to look at!

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  1. Command strips to the rescue! Seriously , I use them so much that JJ often suggest using a "amand strip" whenever we are working on a project ;)

    Great update!


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