Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Set and Match

In keeping with my ‘organic and simple’ Christmas theme this year I covered some ornaments in yarn to give them a softer, organic vibe. I love the dimension and texture the yarn added to the balls. I decided to take a few of those yarn-covered balls along with a couple of shiny red ones to hang on either side of my homemade holiday banner.

It couldn’t have been any easier. I just tied a long string to the bottom ball and then tied smaller strings to the other balls before tying them to the long string to form this cluster of ornaments. Pretty!


Looking closer at the banner do you see what I did to add a little color and interest? I added eyelets to each letter! So fun and a subtle update.



This was extremely easy to do. Here’s what I used:


  1. Eyelets in red and green (the white wouldn’t show on the banner nor did the silver so I stuck to the two colors)
  2. Scraparatus eyelet setter (it can also be used as a hole puncher if you switch out the tip)
  3. Small hole punch
  4. (and 5 ) These came with the Scraparatus starter kit. Don’t you love how #4 matches my countertop?!?

Step 1. Use the small hole punch to punch holes in your paper where you want the eyelet to be placed.


Step 2. Place the blocks that came with the setter down (#4 then #5 on top of it). If you don’t have a set like I do, I used to use a piece of solid wood. Then place one eyelet down and place the paper over the eyelet (wrong side up) so that it goes through one of your holes.

eyelet_prepare_athomewithh Step 3. Place your eyelet setter on top of the eyelet and pull the silver top knob up and release it three times (three times is KEY!) so that the eyelet is set. If you don’t have a setter like mine, you can use a simple metal setter like this one (I actually own this one as well). You simply line it up over the eyelet and then hammer the setter onto the eyelet until it sets. I’ve also seen ones that you squeeze like a hole punch but I’ve never used those.

eyelet_set_athomewithh Step 4. Repeat for each eyelet. The back should look something like this (depending on the tip you used) …

eyelet_back_athomewithh …and the front will look like this:

eyelet_front_athomewithhThat’s it! I told you it was easy. Then you just rehang your banner and enjoy the subtle color that the eyelets add.

cluster_banner_athomewithhI know I’ve been using scrapbook tools that you may not have lately in my crafts but hopefully you can find something similar (like the alternative setter I linked to above) to use. I have not been paid or perked to mention these tools at all – I just have them in my possession and thought I’d show what I did to make my holiday crafting a little easier.

This banner is just what this side of the living room needed for a little color and fun.


  1. SO adorable! I love it. Can you send me one? :)

  2. Glad you like it! It makes me smile! :)


  3. Come decorate my house please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Love it, Heather! You should submit it in my company's holiday craft contest. It would be a fabulous entry. I love the contrast between the soft yawn ornaments and the shiny ones!


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