Monday, November 14, 2011

A Very Bookish Christmas – Part 1

This weekend I decided to make some Christmas ornaments since I was bored, I didn’t feel like leaving the house and I’m feeling down so I hoped crafts (and Christmas crafts at that!) would cheer me up. I had previously seen some ornaments for sale at HomeGoods that I used as my inspiration.

photo1 *Sorry for the glare but this was taken while it was in its wrapping*

I didn’t want to spend a dime on these so I looked around the house to see what I had lying around to make similar but not identical ornaments. I gathered my supplies:

  • Book (1)
  • Paper cutter (1)
  • Scor-Buddy
  • Cuttlebug (2)
  • Scalloped Circle Spellbinders (2)
  • Stapler
  • Double-sided tape
  • Holiday scrapbook paper (3)
  • Holiday felt pieces (4)
  • Hole punch
  • Thread

ornament_supplies_athomewithh ornament_tools_athomewithh

ornament_paper_athomewithh ornament_felt_athomewithh

Step 1. Rip pages out of the book of your choice. For each ornament, you’ll need two pages from the book. I made six ornaments so I ripped out twelve pages (and let me tell you, it was difficult to do since I normally see ripping up books as some sort of sin.)

Step 2. Using the paper cutter, trim the paper so that only the text is on the page – remove all white border. (Note: You can also skip this step but I didn’t want a border on my ornaments so I opted to trim the pages.) Repeat for each page.


ornament_pages_athomewithhStep 3. Using the Scor-Buddy, lightly score each page so that folding is easier. I made my marks every 6/8” so that the folds would all be roughly the same size. Again, this is optional but I found that it makes crisp folds and took the guesswork of measuring out of the equation for me.

ornament_scor_athomewithh Step 4. Fold the page like an accordion. If you used the Scor-Buddy, this step will be incredibly easy for you since you just fold along the pre-scored lines. ornament_fold_athomewithh

ornament_accordian_athomewithhStep 5.  Pick up each page and fold the accordion in half.

ornament_half_athomewithhStep 6.  Apply a piece of double-sided tape to the long edge of the accordion piece. Press the two accordion pieces together.

ornament_tape_athomewithh ornament_together_athomewithh Step 7. Staple the center of the ornament to keep the pieces tightly joined in the middle.

ornament_staple_athomewithh Step 8. Apply a piece of double-sided tape to join two of the open edges together.

ornament_attach_athomewithh Step 9. Repeat for the other edge. You should now have a circle.


Note: If you didn’t trim the edges of the book page, your circle may look something like this instead:


I love the look of both but I wanted mine to be a tad smaller and originally I preferred the text-only look but today I’m digging them both. Fickle mind!

Now you need to put something on top of your circle. I wanted a scalloped circle of craft paper with a felt embellishment on top so I used what I had on hand: a Cuttlebug and Spellbinders scalloped circle cutting tools. You could also cut out circles using a paper punch or by tracing a cup/bowl/plate/other circular object. Work with what you have!

Step 10. Cut out your circle. If you use the Cuttlebug, this will take you mere seconds, which is why I LOVE that tool! I simply placed the green board down, then the clear ‘C’ plate (‘c’ for cutting), placed my paper facing up, the Spellbinder facing down and then the clear ‘B’ plate. I cranked the wheel to pull the plates through the Cuttlebug.

ornament_cuttlebug1_athomewithh Pop the paper out from the circle and you have perfectly scalloped circles!

ornament_cuttlebug2_athomewithh Step 11: Affix any embellishments to the circle. I used felt embellishments that I attached using a brad. Then attach the circle to your ornament. I used double-sided tape to tape them together.

Step 12: String thread through the ornament so that you can hang them to your tree.  I punched a small hole through the book page and then tied gold string to the ornament.

ornament_complete_athomewithh That’s it! Easy ornaments that you can make from old books lying around the house (or if you don’t have any books you want to rip apart, my Salvation Army always sells books five for $1).


  1. Such a cool Christmas idea! I love reading and it would be a great gift for the reader of the family. You should submit it in my company's holiday craft contest (win $300). Just thought you would love to know about it.

  2. This is a nice project and good tutorial. I love anything made with book pages.


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