Friday, November 18, 2011

A Very Bookish Christmas – Part 3

Last weekend I made two types of ornaments using torn out book pages (here and here) and the final project I completed with my (ruined) book was a banner. I debated whether to make a bunting-type banner (upside down triangles) or a banner shaped like my accordion ornaments but I finally decided on a simple rectangular banner. I’m leaning towards organic decorations this year (lots of book pages, twine, feathers, yarn, etc.) so I started with that idea – simple and organic.

I liked how graphic black images look on a printed page so I used this etsy image as inspiration. Plus I love giraffes so I pinned this since I want to make one just like it…in fact, they are my favorite animal to look at when I visit zoos other than the monkeys. Monkeys are just hilarious to watch. *end tangent*



Step 1. Think of a saying that you want to display. I didn’t want to use ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ so I had to try to think of other holiday sayings.  Wanna know where mine came from? This week’s Target ad. There I said it.

Step 2. Rip out enough book pages so that each letter has its own page.

Step 3.  Using craft scissors, cut around three sides of your book page so that it has a decorative edge. I used a zigzag pattern.

sign_cut_athomewithh Step 4. Decide how to put your letters on the paper. I had some stencils in the basement that I decided to use but you could also print letters on paper, cut them out and glue them to your pages or even run your pages through your printer if you’re so inclined.  Or if you have awesome handwriting you could freehand it!

Step 5: Transfer the letters onto your pages, making sure to center the letter. I just eye-balled it since I am lazy. So here’s where I had issues. I initially thought I’d just dab some ink pads over the stencil to transfer the letters on my pages. That didn’t work very well.

sign_ink_athomewithh Then I tried to use a sponge paint brush to paint the letters. That was even worse.

sign_paint_athomewithhFinally I decided to just trace the letters with a black Sharpie and then color them in.


Step 6. Repeat for every letter. This is when I started to rethink my phrase. I was tired of the smell of Sharpie.

sign_letters_athomewithh Step 7. Fold down the top edge of the book page and tape it to your twine (or whatever you decide to use to hang it). You could also punch holes and feed the twine through the holes, an idea I love but didn’t think about until after I was done. Maybe I’ll adjust my banner.

Step 8. Hang. Realize that it is not even Thanksgiving yet and you have Christmas banner in your living room. Rethink hanging it right now.



banner_closeupThis couldn’t be easier. I’m actually thinking of adding some color so perhaps I’ll be back with some changes…you know, when it is closer to Christmas. :)

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  1. hey now... don't feel bad about using Target holiday headlines. I used to write those! And still know some of the awesome people who do. :)

    Love all your book ornaments. We need to craft together some time. :) I'll get to the LP again eventually.


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