Friday, December 16, 2011

DIY Tree Snow Globes

I’ve voiced my love of Anthropologie many times but sadly I usually only shop their clearance section since I can’t afford the store…or rather, I refuse to pay their asking prices for some things. Recently I saw two things in their store that I loved and I knew that I could make both of them but with my own spin.



Anthro’s snow globes were $25+ and the paper tree was $48.  (You know I was drawn to the tree since I’ve used paper as my main decorating inspiration this season – see my banner, ornament and ornament.) Anthro used bottle brush trees in their globes but I wanted to make three different types of trees to add some interest and so that I could put my own spin on things (I don’t enjoy copying things – I like to vary it a little with some creativity). Mine cost $3 – the cost of twine for one tree, the snow and the foam the trees were glued on. That’s right – three WHOLE dollars for three globes and I like mine better since each tree is different and has a fun twist to it.

I had the mason jars in the basement since I previously used them to display trinkets from trips but I tired of the memory jars a few years ago so in the basement they sat – but you could easily find jars at craft stores, grocery stores or thrift shops.

*************Paper Tree*************

globe_papertree_supplies_athomewithhI made the paper tree first since I had been making other crafts with an old book. I simply cut out squares using patterned scissors to various sizes and punched a hole in the center of each square. I then cut small pieces of cardboard and punched a hole in the center of each.

For the tree form, I cut a small piece out of the foam circle and then cut to size a wooden skewer (the ones you find in the kitchen aisles at the grocery store). The skewer was stuck into the foam before I started alternating the paper and cardboard over the skewer. You should get something like this:

globe_papertree_athomewithh Then you glue a bead to the top of the tree using hot glue (1), glue the foam bottom to the inside of the jar lid (2), pour some fake snow into the mason jar (3), and place the jar lid back onto the mouth of the jar (4).

globe_papertree_steps2_athomewithh Once the lid is screwed on tightly, flip the jar over and you have yourself a fun little snow globe.


**********Twine Tree*************

I wanted all of my trees to be organic and different. So I decided to use some green twine that I found at the Dollar Tree for the second tree (there were two spools of brown twine and one of the green in a package).  Before I could start, I had to make tree forms. To do this I simply cut a piece of cardstock in half and then formed each half into a cone before cutting the bottom so that the cones were an appropriate size for the jars (I was going to use one small jar and one large one).

globe_treeforms_athomewithh Then, using hot glue, I started wrapping the smaller cone with the twine. I applied glue in various places as I wrapped so that the twine stayed in place. This tree was the easiest since you just wrap the twine, glue the tree to the foam and to the inside of the jar lid, and then glue on any embellishments. I added a simple bead to the top and some pull chain I found in the basement around the tree as garland.

globe_twinetree_steps_athomewithh Just like the paper tree, you add some snow to the jar and replace the jar lid. Turn it over and you have a beautiful snow globe. I love that some of the snow stuck to the twine to add a little interest.


 *************Ribbon Tree*************

The last snow globe I made was the biggest one. Originally I was going to make a metal tree but I didn’t like it with the twine and paper trees. So I looked through my craft supplies and ruled out a sequin tree, a glitter tree and a decorative paper tree before I landed on using green ribbon. I cut small pieces of two patterns of green ribbon – a polka dot and a plaid.

globe_ribbontree_cut_athomewithh To make this tree, you just use hot glue to attach layers of ribbon to the cardstock tree form. I also tried to use my fingers to flip the bottom of the ribbon layers out to give it a little more dimension.

globe_ribbontree_steps_athomewithh Again, you glue the tree to a piece of foam and then glue the foam to the inside of the jar lid. Add some fake snow to the mason jar, replace the jar lid and flip over. This completes the third tree snow globe!

globe_ribbontree_final_athomewithhAfter I made these I was poking around online and I realized that a bunch of bloggers loved the snow globes as much as I did! Mine were the only ones I found using different types of trees so that made me happy – all of the ones I looked at used the same bottle brush tree that Anthropologie used. 

globe_trees_athomewithh globe_trees2_athomewithh

Happy crafting!


  1. These are darling! They would make great crafts to do with kids since they're fairly easy to do. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I made these same ones last year-- they're so fun and totally easy to do! Yours look great. Thanks for linking up with our Christmas Cheer party today :)

  3. Thanks, Michaela! These are from last year as well - I think everyone with a blog made them since they are so cute and easy!



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