Monday, December 12, 2011

Virtual Furniture Shopping

The furniture in my living room is seven (couch) and eight years old (chair).  I bought the chair when I lived in Illinois and paid way too much money for it but at the time I really wanted an armchair and ottoman (the ottoman has been moved to the basement since it is too large for the living room in my current house). In fact, here’s an old picture of that IL duplex with my armchair.  I loved that living room since it was HUGE and had an awesome, large window and a fireplace.  Maybe I’ll do a post with the old duplex since it is hilarious to look back at my decor from then.

HOME_05 Anyway, back to the post. I’m on the hunt for new living room furniture. Do I really absolutely NEED it right now? No. Do I WANT it? Yes. Although I cold argue that I need a new couch since my back has been killing me lately from napping on it. The cushions are just too soft for napping (especially when your nap lasts 3.5 hours – man am I lazy lately). The chair I have is the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in and I love that I can sit sideways with my legs dangling over the arms, but I don’t love how big it is and the shape really isn’t my style anymore. Since I sit in chairs in an un-lady-like fashion, whatever chair I find has to allow me to sit in it sideways so that really means an upholstered arm chair.

I first saw this awesome club chair on Joss & Main’s website (not a member? Click here to join). You won’t find the chair on the site today since Joss & Main changes daily – people select items to sell in their ‘collections’ and you check back daily for the collections of the day. It’s fun and a bit addictive to see what people select but I’ve yet to purchase anything from there.

lenoxclubchair But doing a search for ‘Lenox Club Chair’ shows you other sites that sell it. I love the curvy front legs with casters, the nailhead trim and the overall shape of the chair. I’d remove that back cushion and put a pretty pillow on the chair instead. I also love the Manchester Club Chair:

clubchair_overstock It has the gorgeous feet, nailhead trim and tufting. I love tufting! Target even has a leather version that would be great for people with kids/pets since it is easy to clean.


I’m a huge fan of buying neutral furniture and dressing it up with fun accessories (blankets, pillows) but a part of me is really wanting a patterned chair…something similar to this.

clyburnloft_targetI’m in love with the Ravenna chair from Cost Plus but it doesn’t have arms and the fabric would be a pain to clean with Sami so this isn’t in the running but it is so pretty to look at online. Sami loves to sit in my chair in the office and the velvet really holds onto her stray hairs.

ravenna_costplusworldmarketAll of that to say that I’m looking (but not seriously) and there are just too many pretty options that I can’t decide. I’m thinking that a good sale somewhere is what will make up my mind for me.  Anyone else chair hunting?  I’ll post later this week with some couches I’m lusting after.

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  1. I do hope that the hunt for the new living room furniture had a happy ending! Well, I do understand what you feel. When I was looking for our living room pieces, I was searching high and low to find a good one that will suit our home. Good thing we were able to find one that provided us with fine-looking pieces. We chose wicker-made chairs and tables to complement the living room design.


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