Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter Wonderland

We had our first official snowfall in the city this week. I sat in the window Monday night watching the snow fall for a few hours and woke up to a little accumulation on the ground (not nearly as much as I’m used to at this time of year since I grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where they’ve been getting snowfalls measuring 6 inches at a time already).

holiday_firstsnow2_athomewithh  holiday_firstsnow_athomewithh Granted, I’m going to be sick of this white stuff once I have to actually shovel the long sidewalks and my driveway but nothing beats the first snow of the season.


  1. We got ours as well! I'm home for Christmas! Will you be home?


  2. Sadly our snow melted after a day but it was pretty while it lasted! Sorry - I'll be at mom's for the holiday.



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