Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Apartment: Bathroom Updates

We didn’t have to do much to the bathroom this time around since when I was home in October we: stripped the wallpaper, painted the walls a pretty purple that Mom chose, applied water sealer to the wood, ripped up the linoleum and installed ceramic tile, painted the baseboards and trim around the doors and window white, installed new towel bars, painted the ceiling white and removed the old mirror and sconces  Here’s a look back at where we started and where we are today:

bathroom_before_newapartment bath_floor_before_newapartment bathroom_light_before_newapartment bathroom_heater_before_newapartment

Since I was home last, Mom ordered a shower curtain from Target, bought an antique mirror from a local antique shop, painted the vanity and replaced the knobs, had a new sink installed, hung up a picture and moved her stuff in here. While I was home I installed new Hampton Bay wall sconces that I brought up north from the Home Depot here, hung a left-over piece of Light Effects Etched Leaf  window film in the window so that Mom has some privacy (go here for steps on how to hang them), touched up the paint, scrubbed and caulked the shower, and helped Mom pick out a new bathroom mat.

And now (I keep forgetting to turn on the lights in the shower when I take pictures – the shower isn’t a dark dungeon like it appears in the picture – it is actually nicely lit with a light in the shower):




apt_bathroom_lights_off_athomewithh    apt_bathroom_lights_on_athomewithh apt_bathroom_window_athomewithh apt_bathroom_knobs_athomewithh The bathroom is like nothing Mom has ever had before since it is super girly. I think she had fun in this room not only with the colors but with the feminine accents.

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