Monday, January 30, 2012

Christmas Goods

I just realized the other day that I never shared my Christmas goodies with y’all.  My Mom went with an Upper Peninsula (U.P.) theme this year I think since I was gifted some awesome U.P. goods!  She knows how obsessed I am much I love the Upper Peninsula. Besides what I’m about to show you I also received a wooden U.P. Christmas ornament and a copper Yooper Scooper ornament.  (Psst – not sure what a Yooper Scooper is? It’s a large metal scoop that Yoopers use to easily remove snow.)


  • U.P. Cribbage Board - I’ve been talking about these since I saw one at a friend’s house. Her father made hers and labeled some of the cities but I’m just as happy with my store-bought board. Now I just need to invite people over to play with me!
  • Copper U.P. – I LOVE the second item, a piece of copper cut into the shape of the U.P. The colors are amazing and the U.P. is known for their copper so it is quite fitting.


  • U.P. pendant – I’ve also been talking about this pendant for years after I saw some random girl at a bar with one. Thanks to the magic of the internet, I am now a proud owner. I wear mine almost every day – love it. 


  • Shawl – My older brother bought me this awesome shawl to wear when working at home. I’m notoriously always cold so this is a poncho-like knit shawl that I can toss over my shoulders. He must actually listen to me when I complain talk about being cold.


  • Black & Decker Sure Grip Laser Level – I asked my younger brother for this and he hesitated since he didn’t think an item that was less than $25 would be any good but I’m here to say that I LOVE it. Mom and I used this to hang some art in her house and it worked like a charm.

I also received the Belkin Dual-fit armband for the iPhone 4 so I can listen to my tunes while I bike/walk/run and some other goodies from my family.  I was truly spoiled this year – now I just need to find the perfect place to hang my copper U.P. and I’ll be all set.


  1. Awesome UP stuff. We vacationed every year at Glen Lake (outside of Traverse City) and would often venture up to the UP. Both my parents are from Michigan so I have nothing but love for the Great Lakes state. Did you get any petosky stuff?

  2. Thanks, Karen! I'm from the UP so any UP items go over really well with me. I didn't get any Petoskey stone items - they are more common in the northern lower peninsula and the eastern UP but not the western UP where I'm from. I do have a UP-shaped magnet made out of Petoskey stone that I bought in Mackinac Island a few years ago!


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