Monday, January 16, 2012

Furniture Shopping Update

I mentioned a week or two ago that I’m looking for new living room furniture. I didn’t realize how hard this would be. I’m pretty lucky in that there are a ton of HomeGoods stores around my house to look at chairs. This past weekend I went to a few of them and found some contenders.  The first is a gorgeous Thomasville chair with gray and chocolate brown threads. I love the shape and the nailhead trim, not to mention it was comfy.

thomasville_1_athomewithh   thomasville_side_athomewithh


One of the stores had the Thomasville chair in a lighter color:

thomasville_2_athomewithh   tville_2_fabric_athomewithh

I also found this fun chair but I think I would tire of the pattern. I do like that it shows more leg since Sami won’t be able to grab the fabric and slide across the floor like she does with my current chair (thus ripping holes in the fabric).


Since two of the chairs were from Thomasville I thought I’d check out their site. I fell in love with one couch (Griffin) but it is longer than I want for the space (although it is the same length as my current couch).  I love that it has a single back and those legs – they would make it much easier to find Sami’s toys under the couch not to mention that they are just pretty to look at. I’m not sure if you can tell but this couch also has nailhead trim and a gorgeous side profile.  I’m not sure on the comfort factor since I haven’t sat in it in person…yet.


They do make a side chair in the same style. While I wouldn’t get matching chair and sofa, I might consider just the chair since I just love those legs and the detailing. 


I did go to Crate and Barrel and I’m sad to say that the Vaughn sofa that I was lusting after is not comfortable – at all. So, my wallet thanks me for taking that one out of the running. I wasn’t super impressed with any of the other Crate and Barrel couches, though I did like the Hennessey sofa but I wonder if it will be comfortable since the back is so much shorter and it won’t support your neck. I really hate how intense Art Van’s salesmen are when you shop there but they do have two sofas that caught my eye online. I’m interested in the Roxbury II sofa since I like the single back and the size is perfect and the Grand Bay sofa since I love the nailhead trim and again the size is perfect.

So the hunt continues…


  1. I love the patterned chair!


  2. I like the lighter grey chair, the patterned one is so fun...but I would probably be sick of it in a year.
    Have you tried Gorman's in Troy? I'm pretty sure they carry Thomasville, and a bunch of other nice brands :)

  3. Thanks, ladies. I fell in love with a chair at TJMaxx today but there wasn't a price tag on it so I may go back later to see about that one. I haven't tried Gorman's yet - I'll have to check them out so thanks for the tip, Alanna!

  4. I've bought online from ArtVan 3 or 4 times. No dealing with salesmen at all. They just have a customer service rep call to verify your order after you place it. Super easy!

  5. Thanks, AJ! I like to sit in the furniture first since I need to know if what I'm buying will be firm/soft enough for my needs so sadly I'll need to go to a store. A good example is the Vaughn from C&B - loved it online but I'm so glad that I went to the store to sit in it since it is too soft for my needs even though it looks firm in the pictures.


  6. Searching for new furniture can be such a pain. I'm a fan of antique wood furniture such as log beds and carved chairs myself. It's important to know what you want and not compromise, you'll only be disappointed if you do!


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