Monday, January 23, 2012

Simple Fix: Pillow Forms

I try to purchase toss pillows that have down inserts but sometimes I fall in love with a pillow and totally disregard what the filling is for that pillow. Case in point – the pillows I bought last year for the couch. I LOVED the fabric but the pillows are filled with loose fill. The problem with loose fill is that it quickly loses its shape and when you take naps on the couch using said pillows, you’re bound to end up with half smashed pillows like this:

pillowform_smushed_athomewithh Enter my quick fix. Scour HomeGoods/TJMaxx/whatever store you like to find ugly pillows on clearance that have down inserts.  The fabric covers won’t matter since you will end up donating those or tossing them anyway so disregard if there is a cat on the cover or if the pillow doesn’t match your house.  You just want the guts of the pillow to stuff a cover you already have or to use as you make a new cover out of the beautiful fabric you just had to have. (yep, been there!)

I recently bought two pillows from HomeGoods – the coverless one was $6 and the other was $8 (I ended up returning the coral/green one since I remembered a down pillow I had in the basement that I could use) – to replace the loose fill in the two couch pillows.

pillowform_newform2_athomewithhRemove the stitching from your old cover. I like to use a seam ripper rather than scissors to ensure I don’t cut the fabric by accident since I’ve totally done that.

pillowform_thread_athomewithh Remove the gross, loose fill.

pillowform_oldfill_athomewithh Laugh at how much fill was in the two pillows when you spy it in a pile on the floor.

pillowform_oldfill2_athomewithh Stuff the pillow with the new down insert and re-stitch the cover closed.

pillowform_newform_athomewithh That’s it!  Now you’ll have a softer, fluffier pillow that won’t lose its shape from all those naps you take on the couch.



  1. OMG my dogs would love you for that. They love to unstuff their pillows!

    What a clever idea you have!

  2. Thanks for this simple tutorial. I'll have to hunt around in tj Maxx.



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