Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome 2012

I’m a little behind on welcoming the new year and talking about any resolutions. I don’t like to call them resolutions but rather things that I *will* accomplish this year. I have only five that I want to share:


1 ~ I am good at helping others get rid of things but the truth is that I also have some things I can let go of and I’d love to just clear the clutter in my home. So, I’ll likely post about cleaning out the house, possibly holding my first ever yard sale (or go the easy route and just use Craigslist) and whatever else comes up to help clear the clutter!

2 ~ The only places I have visited in the past few years are Florida to see my brothers or Upper Michigan to see my parents. I love to travel and hope to go to at least one new place this year, although I’ll still go to FL and the UP since I have a June wedding in FL this year and I always go home at least once.

3 ~ Build something. I love transforming furniture but I’d love to take a stab at building something this year. I built a shelf last year that I still adore so I know I have it in me. There are a couple of things I really want in the living room so maybe I’ll start there. Who knows where I’ll end up!

4 ~ Michigan is a great state to live in and I don’t see nearly enough of it. I want to visit as many of the parks as I can this year to go camping and/or hiking. I’d also love to find unique antique stores or great eateries while I explore. There really is a lot to see and do in my own backyard so to speak so I need to view more of it.

5 ~ I make the same things over and over again so I’d love to expand my cooking skills (and recipe set) to cook more. The only hard part is that cooking for one or two people is a lot harder than for a family since I’m terrible at cutting down recipes and I hate leftovers. So, here’s hoping I can expand my skills (and maybe even take a class!).

Of course the usual go along with this list – try to get in shape, floss more and cut back on the soda. :) I’m working on those already so I need to get a jump on the rest! Happy 2012 to you!

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