Friday, February 24, 2012

Closet Cleaning/Organizing

This past weekend I made a few simple updates to four(yes FOUR) closets in my house. Let’s start with the guest room. This closet is where I store my sweaters, dresses, dress pants, purses and loads of shoes since I have a shoe problem. Until this past weekend it also was where I kept my hats:

closet_guest_hats_athomewithhThe problem is that my big sun hats were getting squished and who wants a wonky hat on top of their head, right? See – the sunhats are losing their shape. 

closet_hats_athomewithhI debated hanging them but that didn’t seem right to me so I looked to the hall closet for help. On the top shelf I had three bins – one for snow pants, one for gloves/hats and one for long johns and the like.  I really don’t need to keep my snow pants (which only get worn a couple of times a year) in the closet at all times so I bought a large, clear container with a lid from Target to put all of that snow gear into…

closet_winter_athomewithh … and that box went into the overflow closet I have in the basement. I had plenty of room to stack this box on top of the box I had down there for my summer clothes (shorts/capris/etc.).

closet_basement_boxes_athomewithhSo now the big, blue bin could be used for just hats – winter hats, visors, ballcaps and my floppy sun hats. Yea!

closet_hall_hats_athomewithh Now, since I was in the hall closet I noticed a few things that I didn’t like. The rod was bent…

closet_hall_oldrod_athomewithh …the old doorbell was still hanging up (I use a wireless doorbell now)…

closet_hall_bell_athomewithh…and I had stuff on the floor that I wanted off the floor (static guard, lint roller, etc.).

closet_hall_stuffonfloor_athomewithh  So I emptied out the closet, cleaned it, removed the old doorbell and painted everything white. I debated whether to paint the closet a fun color but I decided a fresh coat of white was all it needed right now.  The closet got a new light (you just press it to turn it on – it cost $5)…

closet_hall_light_athomewithh …a new rod that I still need to paint white (which is just a large dowel from Home Depot that I cut down to size – it cost $3.50) and a new slim organizer.

closet_hall_after_athomewithh Do you see the storage on the right, next to the doorframe? Here’s a closer picture. The hanging organizer holds my flashlight, lint roller, static spray and an extra umbrella.

closet_hall_shoebag_athomewithh I bought an inexpensive over-the-door clear shoe organizer from Target (it had five rows of four pockets) and removed the right-most section from the rest of the organizer simply but cutting carefully along the fabric, ensuring I didn’t cut where the seams were placed since if I did the pockets would be useless.

closet_shoebag_cut_athomewithh This was perfect for two reasons – 1) the small piece was the perfect width to go in the hall closet and 2) the rest of the organizer was the perfect size to go into the office closet. I told you I updated four closets this weekend – did you forget the last one? I wanted a hanging organizer on the inside of the office closet door to make a sort of junk drawer without the drawer and it needed to fit within the inlaid panel in the closet door so that it didn’t get in the way of the doorknob or feel obtrusive. I hung the organizer with 3M Command Hooks (which I also used in the hall closet) and a few pieces of command poster strips to hold the bottom in place so that it doesn’t move when the closet door is opened/closed.


Junk drawers are typically in the kitchen but my kitchen is the size of a shoebox so the drawers in there are actually put to good use holding towels, utensils and other kitchen aids. I was tired of going to the basement every time I needed a screwdriver, a battery or even the tape measure. So, I decided to keep some things in the office closet since it just makes more sense for how I live.  I made a list of what I wanted in the office, brought some things up from the basement, created labels for each pocket and then filled them with my junk drawer items.

closet_office_full_athomewithh closet_office_labels_athomewithh I think the item that makes me the happiest are the batteries since I’m forever going downstairs for batteries.  The organizer holds:

  • Batteries
  • Sanding block
  • Screwdrivers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Tape measure
  • Extension cord
  • Chargers for the camera, cell phone, iPod, Kindle
  • Armbands for my electronic devices
  • Extras for the electronic devices (screen protectors, etc.)
  • Power cord for my printer/scanner

I have three empty slots right now so I’m sure I’ll find something to put in them by the time this is posted on the blog. Other uses for shoe organizers are to hold craft supplies, snacks for your kids, cleaning supplies, office supplies, socks/shoes/etc., the list goes on! 

I haven’t really felt like doing many house projects lately but have been cleaning/organizing instead so posting may be sporadic for a bit. I’m also working on making more meals at home (recipes to come!), getting outside and just relaxing.

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  1. Awesome - The shoe pockets are such a great solution, I wish I had the space to use one! <3



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