Monday, February 27, 2012

Cooking Showdown

I’m trying to make more meals but let’s be realistic – when you are cooking for one person, making big meals is not a top priority. I enjoy fast, easy meals that I can throw together after getting home from work. I saw that Kraft has a new product for adding flavor to meats or fish – the Fresh Take. I bought the Italian Parmesan recipe since that is hands-down my favorite way to eat chicken and I’m a sucker for trying new things like this.

My absolute favorite parmesan crusted chicken is the No Name brand, but I can’t find it anywhere downstate anymore (I stock up when I’m in the U.P. since a local grocery store there still sells them) so I thought I’d make the Kraft version to see how it stacked up to my beloved chicken.

cooking_showdown_athomewithh The Kraft topping is incredibly easy to use – mix the cheese and topping, coat your meat/fish and then bake. It should cover six pieces of chicken but I used the chicken I bought from the store, which was only a three pack so I wasted a TON. Don’t do that – be smarter than I was.

cooking_showdown_prepared_athomewithhDoesn’t it look divine? Well, when it was done baking I had a wonderful meal of chicken, green beans with almonds and bread:

cooking_showdown_final_athomewithh The chicken was delicious and had a perfect crunchy coating, but was it the winner? Sadly, no – my beloved No Name chicken is the winner in this showdown BUT I did really like the Kraft coating so I went out and bought another of this flavor and the Southwest Three Cheese flavor to try as well.

Anyone else try these flavors yet? Anyone know where I can find the No Name Parmesan Crusted Chicken in SE Michigan? ;)


  1. How about looking up a recipe online and making your own coating?

  2. Why thank you for the suggestion. I have tried making my own and nothing is as good as the No Name chicken. But if you have something to share, please post. ;)


  3. I used that the other night and loved it! I used a chili lime on Pork chops. It was SOOOO good! Trust me, even when you aren't single - simple and fast, good meals are kinda nice!


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