Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Diffusing the Sun

My front door and side door have those horrible half circle windows at the top of them like so many homes in my area. Personally, I hate them but I’ve lived with them for almost eight years and I’ll live with them until I sell the house. The problem for me is that I don’t like when people can look in those windows when they are knocking on my door (creepy) and I don’t like the amount of sunlight that comes streaming in those windows since it fades items on the walls near the windows. So, I finally decided to diffuse the amount of sunlight that comes in (and provide a layer of privacy) by hanging some window film on the windows.  I bought the plain etched glass film from Home Depot for this project ($20).


I’ve used window film in the dining room of my own home and also in my Mom’s apartment  bathroom and store so I consider myself a pro at this now. Or you know, anyone can do it since it is so incredibly easy.  I’m not going to spell out the instructions again since you can find them on my dining room post here, but here is the abbreviated version.

Remove the trim surrounding the window (not necessary for ‘normal’ windows or even for these but I was lazy and wanted a pattern) by simply removing the screws that hold it in place.

windowfilm_trim_athomewithh Use the trim as a template to cut out your window film.

windowfilm_trace_athomewithhSpray a generous amount of water/detergent mixture on the window glass after you clean it.

windowfilm_spray_athomewithh  Peel the window film from its backing and place it on the glass.

windowfilm_separate_athomewithh Spray the top of the window film with more water/detergent mixture.

Use a squeegee tool or in my case since I couldn’t find my tool, a rag and a credit card, to smooth out the film on the glass to remove any air bubbles.

Reattach the window trim and you’re done.

windowfilm_after_athomewithh It is a subtle change but I like that you can’t see the brass lines in the glass from the inside anymore – you just know that there are lines. I also covered the glass on the door that leads to the basement so now my potatoes won’t get too much sunlight since they hang right by the door (um, yeah, so I meant to do this back in August. Sue me).





Anyone else use window film? I love the stuff!


  1. You responded to my post on YHL. :) THought I'd come over and see what your blog is all about! I love a knowledgeable DIYer! :)

    Is that brick or tile on your walls? It is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Hi Sara,

    Welcome! That is actually paneling that looks like brick that was painted white! When I bought the house my Realtor thought it was real brick until we got to the bottom of the basement stairs and you can see that it is paneling (a small bit overhangs the corner). It looks so real. I love it, too.


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