Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Micro vs. Cross Cut

A few years ago I asked for a small tabletop paper shredder for Christmas. I originally liked the small size but found that it filled up quickly and only accepted three sheets of paper at a time. This worked well for me for many years but this year I decided to upgrade to a micro cut shredder. My Mom has one and I loved how teeny tiny the paper was after it went through the shredder.  I spent hours searching online after striking out in stores and finally found the Royal MicroCut MC500 shredder for around $50.   This baby shreds five sheets of paper at a time (good for my use - some people want more but I found if you keep up with your day-to-day mail this is plenty big enough) and cuts those pages into 2235 little pieces of paper. I debated whether to give you the link to the site I purchased from but I wasn’t happy with how long it took to get here so I’m not comfortable sharing with my readers unless you really want it. ;)


In an effort to “Clear the Clutter” (one of my 2012 goals) I recently went through all of my old files, boxes and bags and shredded a TON of paper. I feel better knowing those papers are out of the house and even more so that there is no way anyone can try to tape them back together. Check out the difference!

shredder_crosscut_ex_athomewithh shredder_microcut_ex_athomewithh Why is a garbage bag filled with teeny pieces of paper so fulfilling? Phase one of cleaning up the clutter in my tiny house is complete – as long as I keep up with my shredding.

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