Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Small Home Updates

I thought I’d show you where a couple of my recent finds ended up in the house.  First up – my copper U.P. that I’m still enamored with. I walked around my house with this piece of art trying to figure out where to hang it and I finally decided that the space above the coat hooks in the dining room would be perfect since I’ll see it every time I come home or when I leave the house (and guests will see it when they hang up their coats as well). LOVE.

copperup_dining_athomewithh The picture below shows the wall color more true-to-life. I have the hardest time taking pictures in the dining room for some reason.

copperup_athomewithhNext - my beloved bird hook from Anthropologie. I bought this guy back in December for $5 and some change if I remember correctly (it was $7 something before the discount).  He is now hanging in my bedroom on my gallery wall. And yes, I realize I’m missing a screw and the one I have isn’t the same color as the bird – I’m working on it.


birdhook_bedroom_athomewithh See that gorgeous necklace that is hanging from the hook? It’s a locket a bought last year to place a picture of my Dad in since I wanted him near me while we were all dealing with his cancer. I bought a pair of patent wedge heels this weekend that look great with the necklace so I think I’ll pair them together when its not snowing outside.  And even though this is not a clothing blog I will share with you my newest obsession:

heels_necklace2_athomewithh Pretty!


heels_dad_athomewithh For anyone interested – the Calvin Klein heels are from TJMaxx ($40) so you can probably still find them (they also had them in a light pink) but the locket is no longer being sold. Its the Color Study II locket by Verabel.

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