Monday, February 13, 2012

Taking the House with Me

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been in a store and wondered if a curtain/rug/lamp/accessory would play nicely in my home, bought said item, brought it home and realized that it clashed with the wall color/rug color/whatever and then had to sadly return said item. No more!

I decided to put all of my home colors into one photo wallet so that when I’m out shopping I have my house colors with me in one place. What? It all started with a $5 wallet from Target – the ones that have only picture sleeves and are made for either pictures or to hold your massive collection of credit/store loyalty cards.

So I gathered my supplies:


  • Label maker and clear labels
  • 2” hole punch (1.5” is shown here but I went bigger)
  • paint chips of the colors used in my house
  • photo wallet

I simply cut out the paint colors used in each room – the circle paper cutter was used for the larger paint sample chips - for the smaller (old) Glidden colors, I just cut my color out of the strip. I made sure to write the color name and number code on the back in case I ever need to get more paint at a later date.

Then I placed each room’s colors into one of the sleeves. I made labels using my label maker and the clear labels so that each sleeve would be clearly marked for one of my rooms: Living, Dining, Kitchen, Bath, Master, Guest, Office, Basement and Exterior. Then I just filled the sleeves with my wall colors, accent colors, rug color (living room), small pieces of fabric, etc.  I even used an old piece of my house’s vinyl siding in the external sleeve.

colorbook_office_athomewithh colorbook_external_athomewithh The small wallet now resides in my purse so when I’m shopping, I just have to whip it out and see what colors are in my home so that I don’t waste my time and money buying something that won’t work in my house.

colorbook_athomewithh How on earth did it take me this long to do this? I cringe thinking of all the extra trips I’ve taken to Target/HomeGoods/TJMaxx to return things since the color didn’t work in my house. No more!

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