Wednesday, March 21, 2012

34 Candles

My 34th birthday was on Sunday. Writing that just looks weird and saying it sounds even worse. My mom got me some great gifts that I wanted to share. She sent a ton of fun stuff but I thought I’d share some of my home-related gifts.

First up: Rubbermaid storage containers. I wanted these to organize my baking shelf. I store flour and sugars in round storage containers but I really wanted the rectangular ones since they stack, they all use the same lid and they just fit nicer in my cabinets. 


containers_before_athomewithh …and now.

containers_after_athomewithh containers_close_athomewithh

Second on the list are these gorgeous patent leather yellow napkin rings. They immediately make you smile since they are so shiny and pretty and the buckle is awesome.

napkinrings_athomewithh Finally, this cute vase was a welcome surprise.  I love the gold rim and the delicate flower print.


My 34th year started with a head cold that won’t go away so here’s hoping things turn around soon!

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