Monday, March 19, 2012

Curtain Swap

A week or so ago I was at Lowe’s just wandering the aisles as I sometimes do when a curtain caught my eye. It was bright, fun and colorful and had to come home with me. Initially I was going to use it in the dining room (not as a curtain) but last night I decided to hang it in my office instead. Since I only bought one curtain panel I had to go back to Lowe’s to find another as well as some larger ring clips. I hung up one panel to make sure I wasn’t just high on cold meds and I LOVED what the curtain did to the space. curtainswap_comparison_athomewithh

The panel had back tabs to hang on the rod but I used nickel curtain clips instead ($5 for 7 if I remember correctly) since I needed the extra length and I love how casual the clips look.

curtainswap_rings_athomewithh curtainswap_rings2_athomewithh The curtains make the room a little more fun and I actually like the wall color next to them. I may hate it in a week again but for now the paint brush is staying put.


curtainswap_close_athomewithh  curtainswap_inroom_athomewithh

The curtains are the Style Selections Bernard Floral ($15 per panel) and the ring clips are also by Style Selections in Nickel. Step 1 of the office update is complete!

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