Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Patio Furniture Dreaming

I keep going back and forth as to whether to keep my outdoor dining set on my back patio this summer. In the past I haven’t used it too often but already this spring I’ve spent nearly every night out there eating at the table. Of course I’ve been checking out patio furniture at local stores to see what they offer this year and man is that stuff expensive! I originally wanted a lounge set but I just can’t see shelling out the cash for one.  Here are some that I’ve been eyeing:


IKEA AMMERĂ– (as shown $298.98)

Cost Plus World Market’s Melbourne Chair ($249.99)

Cost Plus World Market’s Melbourne Bench ($299.99)

Cost Plus World Market’s Valencia collection (bench: $199.99, chair: $149.99, deep bench: $299.99)

Cost Plus World Market’s Large Greenport Garden bench ($219.99)

Target’s Home Belvedere Sofa ($472.50 – on sale)

Target’s Smith and Hawken Brooks Island Loveseat ($299.00 – on sale)

See? Pricey and they aren’t that long. I’m thinking of building my own bench/sofa for the patio so that I can lie down and yet still use the bench at the table to eat dinner.  We’ll see where I end up!

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