Monday, April 9, 2012

Blog Updates

As you likely have noticed I haven’t done much in terms of updating the house this year since every weekend has been spent exploring MI. I usually clean/run errands/relax one day and then spend another afternoon hiking through new-to-me parks in SE Michigan. If you remember, one of my goals this year was to explore MI more and I’m doing a good job of it so far. I’ve started uploading my pictures to Instagram so that I can have one place with all of my hiking pictures contained. I haven’t been uploading all of the pictures but rather my favorite picture from each hike…well, each hike that I actually took a picture of since the beginning of the year was cold and I didn’t feel like whipping out the camera. So what does that have to do with this blog? I’ve created a button on the sidebar and also on the top navigation bar so you can follow along!

The pictures are taken on my iPhone and uploaded to Instagram via the iPhone app. I’ve added some of Instagram’s filters to some of the pictures and others were left untouched.  I then used another site, Instagrid, to make a fun grid of my pictures so I could link it here.  I debated making a new site dedicated to hiking MI that includes links to the trail maps, pictures, info I found useful but that takes a LOT of time and effort that I don’t have at the moment so maybe later. 

Another update I’ve made is that I’m using another new tool to make my Home Tour more interactive. Rather than have a page with the tour and a page listing my sources (i.e., where I bought things), I decided to utilize ThingLink to combine the two. If you see a picture with little balls in the upper left corner like this…

thinglink_athomewithh …just place your cursor over the image to see circles appear on the objects in the picture. If you then place your cursor over the circle, information pops up to tell you where I bought something, some have links to the item so you can see it yourself on the store website and others have links to the post where I made the project.

thinglink2_athomewithh I need to go back and update some of the pictures and add more information to others but you get the idea. This makes maintaining the House Tour and Source List much easier and a little more fun to look at.

I’m itching to get busy on some outdoor house projects but its still too soon to plant in SE Michigan due to the danger of frost so I can’t go buy plants and its still a touch too cool to paint so I can’t do any outdoor painting projects yet but I can do a few clean-up projects so look for those soon.  Hope everyone is enjoying spring thus far! And watch out for those MI mosquitoes – they have already been out during my weekend hikes!

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