Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY Easter Garland

I don’t typically decorate my home for Easter – in fact, the only holidays I decorate for are Halloween and Christmas since they are my favorites. This year I decided to make a simple egg garland for my dining room to have a little fun with the holiday.

eastergarland_athomewtihh What you’ll need:

  • plastic eggs (mine are from Target - .99 cents for a bag of 12. Each bag of 12 will make one strand in my example above)
  • twine (I ended up using the green twine below vs. the silver cording)
  • some way to hang it (aka tape)

Beware if you do this on the floor and you have a cat. Sami immediately curled up next to my supplies and started batting them around, especially once I opened the bags of eggs.

eastergarland_sami_athomewithh Step 1. Decide on your pattern and then marvel over the fact that plastic eggs have two holes on each end already punched for you. How did I not know this before this past weekend?!?

eastergarland_holes_athomewithhStep 2. Begin threading your eggs onto the twine. I started with the bottom of the egg, then thread through the hole in the top of the egg before snapping the two ends back together.  Make sure you line up the holes when you snap the egg back together – see how my thread looks like it is straight across both pieces?

eastergarland_hole1_athomewithh eastergarland_hole2_athomewithh

Step 3. Repeat until you have a colorful snake-like string of eggs. Then repeat again for any additional strands you want to make or you know, make one huge strand – whatever.

eastergarland_assembled_athomewithh Step 4. Hang wherever you want it using tape. Realize you forgot to trim the extra twine once you have edited the picture to post to the internet. 


I also made a simple bow by looping a piece of ribbon I had and then just taping it up on the mirror between the two strands.

eastergarland_bow_athomewithhMy table got a little love as well in the form of some gorgeous tulips from Home Depot ($6), a ceramic white bird I already owned and some pastel egg-shaped Reese's Pieces in a couple of milk glass compotes from my collection.

easter_tabledecor1_athomewithh easter_tabledecor_athomewithh Happy Easter! I don’t really celebrate the day much anymore since my family all lives far away so I’ll make myself a nice little (big) Easter dinner.  Maybe I’ll even eat at the table vs. in front of the T.V. 

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