Monday, April 16, 2012

On Air Alone

Remember the fruit terrariums I showed you two weeks ago? I debated buying the glass fruit to make my own and then I remembered that my house barely gets any natural light thanks to my large trees and I remembered that I have a habit of killing…well, most any plant that requires a certain amount of water.

Instead, I decided to go the air plant route. Apparently these hardy little plants just require a few mists of water once/twice a week to survive and that is a watering schedule I can get behind.  Oh yeah, and they don’t require any soil – seriously, none. I found a few different air plants to choose from at my local nursery but I went with a larger plant that is all spiky and minty green ($6 – I think I overpaid but I was excited).  You can put air plants in almost anything – shells, bowls, vases, whatever – but I went with the hanging candleholder from CB2 ($5).

 WhirlyHangTlightHldrLLS9 I decided to simply place some play sand I already owned into the bottom ($0 for me but I bought my bag years ago at the Dollar Tree for you guessed it, $1) and pop the air plant inside. Easy and it took me two minutes to do.

airplant_athomewithh No, mine isn’t hanging – I decided to plop it onto a stack of books in the living room near the window so it gets *some* natural light. I love how incredibly simple this is and yet how much joy it gives me when I walk into the room. airplant2_athomewithh airplant_closeup_athomewithh Seriously – this can’t get any easier. For $11 I have a cool plant in a fun little sphere.


  1. That is really cool! I have to copy. Where did you get the heart stone?

  2. Thanks! I talked about the rock here:

    You can buy your own from a store in MI here:

    or you may be able to google Heart for Haiti to find them elsewhere. Good luck!


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