Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I remember when people used stencils when I was in grade school…back in the 80s. However, they’ve made a comeback in recent years and I’m finally jumping on the bandwagon. Would I stencil an entire room? No. Would I stencil a section of a room? Sure and I did. Back in October I hung a gallery wall in my bedroom.

gallery_close_athomewithhI  loved that gallery wall briefly but lately I’ve felt it was too busy at night when I was trying to unwind after a long day. My eyes just didn’t rest since it was visually stimulating and I decided with heavy heart to take it down (but it will come back elsewhere!).  You may remember I’ve been hoarding pretty hooks from Anthropologie and I have a small collection of pretty necklaces that I had hanging behind the bedroom door.  I’ve been trying to figure out where to hang my hooks when I stumbled on this image and I knew that it was perfect!


Once I removed all my pictures, I filled the small nail holes with spackle and then sanded it down so I had a blank slate on that wall. Next, I used a measuring tape, level and painters tape to mark a large rectangle on the wall.

stencil_prep_athomewithh stencil_frame_athomewithh Once the frame was marked, I took my wall paint and painted over the newly-spackled holes, making sure I feathered out the paint so that you couldn’t tell I made any touch-ups. I also took the time to paint over the inside edges of the frame so that the stencil paint wouldn’t bleed through since by doing this you are ‘sealing’ the edges. I’m not sure if you can tell but my walls are plaster so they have a slight texture to them and I was worried that the stencil paint would go into the small crevices, making my edges all wonky.

stencil_paintedges_athomewithhI then had to wait for the paint to dry so I could get started with the stencil. Speaking of the stencil – here’s what I bought from Michael’s: stencil, brushes (I only used the pouncer for this project), adhesive (not shown) and Martha Stewart paint in Satin finish.

stencil_supplies_athomewithh The total cost for the supplies was around $12 after my 20% off entire purchase coupon was used. The stencil was $4 (I also saw this one at Home Depot for $3), $1.19 for the brushes (I got this set since I wanted the other brushes to replace others in my painting supplies), $1.59 for the paint and $4.79  for the stencil adhesive. By the way, for you Smart Phone users, I have the GeoQpons app on my iPhone which looks up coupons for local stores. I didn’t have to print or clip any coupons for Michaels since they could just scan the barcode from my phone. Awesome.

Back to the project. Once the paint was dry, I sprayed some stencil adhesive to the back of my stencil…

stencil_adhesive_athomewithh …and then placed the stencil in the lower right corner of my frame, making the stencil overlap the edge slightly. Normally I’d say you should start in the middle and work your way out but since my stencil isn’t a large pattern where you’d notice if it was lopsided, I started on an end since it was easier.

stencil_applied_athomewithh I squirted some paint on a disposable plate and then dipped my pouncer into the paint. I then gently tapped the pouncer on the plate to remove excess paint since you don’t want a ton of paint on the pouncer or you’ll get seepage. (sorry, no picture since I was so stinking excited) I then held the pouncer at  a right angle to the wall and gently pressed it around the entire stencil.


stencil_paintapplied_athomewithhAfter gently peeling the stencil from the wall, I had to figure out where to put the stencil next. Since this isn’t a large wall stencil there weren’t clues on the stencil as to where to position it so I just eyeballed it. I had to wait for the paint to dry a bit before I could start the second stencil so this project took 1.5 hours to stencil this small frame. I just repeated the process until I had a filled in frame.

stencil_inframe_athomewithhI then peeled up the painters tape and was left with a rectangle of stenciled wall with crisp edges. Since there was a slight lip to the edge from painting over the edge of the paint, I simply lightly rubbed my hands over the line to make it go away. Worked like a charm.

stencil_sharpedge_athomewithh stencil_closeup_athomewith

stencil_finished_athomewithh If I noticed any large holes I simply filled them in with the stencil – this included along the edges (which meant I hung up small strips of new tape to fix the edges – you can see a couple of spots on the right edge above that needed fixing). The final step was to figure out where to hang my pretty hooks and then attach them to the wall so I could hang my necklaces from them.




It still has room to grow when I get more pretty hooks and of course this naturally makes me want to buy more pretty necklaces (must.resist.urge). I usually forget I have jewelry unless it is out so having the earrings in small dishes on my vanity plus this makes getting dressed in the morning much more fun.



  1. I love it! I have been thinking about stenciling a small portion of our master bedroom, above the headboard. Sadly, the nearest Michaels is about 80 miles from us but we do have a Hobby Lobby in town - I bet they would have the proper supplies. It really did turn out great - fantastic job!

  2. Thanks, Karen! Hobby Lobby would definitely have the same supplies and they always have such great sales. Good luck!


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