Friday, April 27, 2012

Urban Wood

I had some posts lined up for this week and then I just didn’t finish them since I needed to download the pictures from my iPhone. This was supposed to be Monday’s post.  Better late than never, right?!?

Sunday was Earth Day so I thought a post about reclaimed wood would tie right in. There’s a store in Ann Arbor, MI called the ReUse Center that has more than 20,000 sq. feet of store space and sells a huge variety of household and building materials on the cheap. I bought the chandelier found in my home office there for $5. Luckily this is near my office so I stop in when I get a chance. I was looking for a picture frame two weeks ago when I noticed the large wood section at the front of the store. I usually walk right past this since when I need wood I stop in at Home Depot near my home, but this wood was different.

A few companies sell their wood at the store and the one I was drawn to is called the Urban Wood Marketplace, which is the retail outlet for the Urban Wood Project. Essentially they sell reclaimed wood. They have a huge selection of domestic urban salvaged hard and soft woods for sale at a variety of prices. I stood there trying to figure out where I could use a slab of wood in my home. Here, take a look. This piece caught my eye right away due to the color, shape and the grain. It was gorgeous in person and if I remember correctly was $16.

urbanwood4_athomewithh I was drawn to the section of thin wood as my mind started thinking of projects where I could use these inexpensive slices of wood.

urbanwood3_athomewithh I could see this slab as a tabletop with some metal legs. Gorgeous.

urbanwood2_athomewithhThis was probably my favorite since it has worm holes.  Cost was $35.

urbanwood_athomewithh  Anyone else a fan of reclaimed wood? I know it is extremely popular in home decor right now but I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for old stuff – wood included.

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