Monday, May 14, 2012

Chalkboard Project

Does anyone else write messages to themselves on the bathroom mirror with lipstick? No – just me? Well, recently someone commented on my bright red messages that were spelled out for the world to see (or really, just the people who ask to use the bathroom) so I thought I’d do something about it.


I knew that the inside of the medicine cabinet door would be the perfect place for a chalkboard but I struggled with painting it or using the adhesive chalkboard that you can purchase nearly anywhere these days. I finally decided to  use the adhesive stuff since, well, it would be easier and could be removed if I so desire down the line.

I went to JoAnn’s to hunt down a roll of the chalkboard when I came across the Domestic Bliss Décor adhesive chalkboard. This tube held two HUGE sheets (39.25” x 23.25”) and was a nice, chocolate brown vs. the standard black.  The best part was that it was on clearance for $5 vs. the usual $20!  (smaller rolls of the black stuff will cost around $8 depending on the store)


All I had to do was measure the inside of the door, make the same measurements on a sheet of the chalkboard, cut it out and then apply it to the back of the door.



I love that it plays nicely with the shelf liner I installed in the bathroom a few years ago and the chocolate is nice and warm. The chalkboard came with a piece of white chalk but I also bought a chalk marker (which are HARD to find!) in yellow – I love the marker since it is bright, writes nicely and you don’t have to deal with chalk dust.


Now my messages are hidden unless you are going into the medicine cabinet for something. I did change the ‘Good Morning’ message to a ‘Can I help you?’ message the other day for fun. Perhaps now I’ll know if people are going into my medicine cabinet when they visit.

Now I’m trying to decide where else I need chalkboard – I’m thinking labels for the kitchen!


  1. Cute ideas! I write on my mirror with a sharpie - wipes off with nail polish remo!ver

  2. Cute! It matches your toothbrush holder too. Lipstick is too expensive to be writing on mirrors with!


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