Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hunting for Camera Accessories

I’ve been checking out camera purses and besides being crazy expensive they are humongous. I looked at Cheeky Lime, Jo Totes, Epiphanie, Kelly Moore, Ketti, Jill-e (also on Amazon), and whatever random ones I could find on Amazon. Some that I briefly contemplated include:


(1) Greige Gracie from Jo Totes | (2) Ginger in blue from Epiphanie | (3) Posey2 in Mustard from Kelly Moore

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around spending around $200 for a purse that I wouldn’t use daily, especially when I generally spend less than $40 on my purses.  When I came across the camera insert on Amazon I got a little excited since it allows you to turn any purse/bag into a camera bag and honestly this appeals to me more than any of the bags I found online.

Then, of course there are straps. My camera came with a standard Nikon strap but I really want to upgrade it to something more ‘me.’ I still have $65 to spend from my brother’s birthday cash (from March!) so I splurged on #3 below. I love that the material is 30-40 year old vintage upholstery vinyl– how eco-friendly and cool is that?!?


(1) Dreamer Camera Strap | (2) iMo on Etsy | (3) Couch Guitar Straps on Etsy | (4) RhyahPapaya on Etsy

I took my new camera out this weekend to shoot some pictures of Memorial Day and while hiking at a local park. I haven’t uploaded them yet to see if they came out well or not but I enjoyed playing with the camera and now I’m looking at a good zoom lens. I think this camera is going to eat up all my extra cash.

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