Monday, May 21, 2012

Making Cushions Fit

When I left off with the patio, I built a bench with my own two hands (can you tell I’m proud?).  I knew I wanted a thick cushion to go on the bench seat since I’d be spending hours sitting on it and sitting on wood isn’t all that comfy. I looked everywhere and finally decided to buy an inexpensive beige cushion from Target to modify to fit my needs.  Cushions are EXPENSIVE and I figured that this cushion (which I got on sale for $35) was inexpensive, a nice neutral color and really comfortable (I hate the ones with tufting, which is odd since I love tufting on furniture).

Yep – this is a chaise cushion but I knew that two ‘sections’ of the cushion would be the perfect fit for my bench. See:


I simply cut along the seam to remove one of the cushions…


…and was left with a perfectly sized cushion for my bench. I also removed the ties since they aren’t needed (and were in the wrong places to be useful) and jazzed up the couch with one of my existing green pillows (three years ago at HomeGoods) and a new bright yellow pillow from Cost Plus World Market (I got it on sale for $13 but it is currently on sale for $17.50). I’m in love with the yellow pillow.



The patio is quickly turning into my favorite place to spend time since after hiking this weekend, I spent the rest of the weekend on the patio either sleeping on the bench, eating at the table or making other small updates (to be posted later this week).

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